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A Parent's Guide for Today's Teenager

No description

Alexandra Grundy

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of A Parent's Guide for Today's Teenager

A Parent's Guide for Today's Teenager By Alexandra Grundy In today's society, parents are finding it more of a struggle to control their teenagers. My purpose is to make parents aware of the
things their children face each day. I hope that parents can learn how to communicate and deal with their teenagers, rather than pushing their problems off to the side for someone else to deal with. To my parents... When I was young, you always went out
of your way to talk to me about things,
and I thank you for that. It is crucial that
parents talk about problems with their
children at a young age, so that when they
are teenagers, they will feel more
comfortable talking to their parents. Some-
times it is difficult for me to show my emo-
tions, but I know that you will always be
there for me and help me to make it through. ~Thank you~ How my parent's helped: *Talked, not scolded
*Used reasonable punishments
*Made sure I understood the issues I would face as I got older It is important for teens to talk
with parents. Parents should
be aware of the things that go
on in their child's life to help
them when they're in trouble. IMPORTANT: It wouldn't be a surprise if I was offered
drugs or alcohol in school. Trouble is out
there, and you should be aware of the
dangers and hardships I could easily
experience. There is substance abuse and
sexual intercourse going on at parties; I
would most likely to purchase drugs like
nicotine and marijuana easily at my school;
and about 18 percent of students in grade
nine at my school are sexually active. Statistics
and Facts: Average age students
begin drinking alcohol: 12 1,000 - 2,000 new cases of STD's in teens
each year. Leading causes of death
for teenagers: Homcide, suicide, cancer, accidents The communication between teenagers and parents is very important. Parents need to be good parents so that their teens will be good, too. If I were a parent, I would set reasonable rules for my children, and I wouldn't force them to do something because I felt it was the right thing for them. Parents need to respect their children (starting at a young age), so that their children will respect them, too. Good parenting starts with good communication! Works Consulted http://www.cdc.gov/alcohol/fact-sheets/underage-drinking.htm



http://www.byparents-forparents.com/article7.html The amount of teen girls who have gotten
pregnant has increased dramatically from the year 1980 to 2000. What scares me: -I could easily find myself in a car with
a drunk driver, and I wouldn't know
what to say to them; they are careless
after drinking, and would most likely
not stop the car for anything -My friends or family members could easily
get involved in substance abuse, or be
harmed by someone who has, becuase in
today's world, it is so difficult for teens
to say "no."
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