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Research Proposal

No description

Cooper Witt

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Research Proposal

Purpose and Hypothesis
Research Question
For a patient presenting with nonspecific, chronic neck pain would a single treatment or group of treatments used in conjunction provide greater pain relief, improvement in pain-related range of motion (ROM), and improvement in pain-related disability?
Study Design
Education for all groups
Treatment Group 1
Thrust Manipulation
Treatment Group 2
Dry Needling, Ultrasound, Massage
Inclusion/Exclusion criteria
Baseline measurements
Intervention timeline
The Comparison of the Short Term Treatment Effects of Thrust Manipulation versus Dry Needling, Ultrasound and Massage in Patients with Chronic Neck Pain: A Proposal of a Randomized Controlled Trial.
Data Analysis and Statistics
: Study the effects of thrust manipulation versus other highly researched modalities in patients with non-specific chronic neck pain in order to see if there is decreased pain, increased pain free ROM, and decreased disability.
: Thrust manipulation will have superior effects than the other modalities and will help decrease disability in individuals with mechanical neck pain.
Alpha: .05

Power: 80%

Two-Way ANOVA with Repeated Measures

Post-Hoc Tests
Physiotherapist and neurologist blinded to the study parameters
Randomized selection by clinical referral
Random allocation by blinded investigator using randomization software
Two therapists will determine the best possible sites for thrust manipulation as well as the trigger points to receive dry needling
Therapist providing interventions blinded to interventions and baseline measurements
What is neck pain?
Why is it a problem?
What is thrust manipulation?
How is it beneficial?
Kyle Janicke
Samantha Mannisto
Taylor Steinhilber
Cooper Witt
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