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Artemis: Greek Goddess of the Hunt and the Moon

Artemis is the Greek Goddess of the hunt, the moon, and so much more. To find out, watch the Prezi!!!

Alexis Evans

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Artemis: Greek Goddess of the Hunt and the Moon

Artemis: Greek Goddess Kyrene -Was a Thessalian Princess
-Daughter of King Hypseus
-Great huntress
-Killed beasts with sword and javelin
-When seen by Apollo, Artemis' twin brother,
he fell in love and kidnapped her
-Afterwards she became one of Artemis'
closest companions
-In some myths Artemis may have given her
two magical hunting dogs Artemis' Family Father: Zeus
Mother: Leto Siblings: Apollo Children: None Companions: Kyrene Artemis Goddess Of ~The Moon
~The Hunt
~Wild Animals
~Childbirth Bringer Of ~Sudden Death
(Targeted young
women) Symbols and Weapons Artemis Relationship
with Apollo Based on the majority of myths and legends, Artemis and Apollo were always extremely close and never had any strong rivalries. Myths Regarding Artemis and Apollo ~Artemis' mother, Leto, had a quick and painless labor while giving birth. Moments later, Leto discovered that she was going to have twins. Artemis, just minutes old, turned around and helped deliver her twin brother Apollo. This was how she became the patron of Child Birth. ~The only known lover of Artemis was Orion. Thanks to Apollo, though, they never married. Apollo quickly became jealous of the attention that Orion was recieving and tricked Artemis into killing him. While they were flying in Apollo's chariot, he challenged Artemis to see who could hit the strange thing on the ocean, though he knew it was Orion. Artemis' hunting skills didn't fail her and she shot him, killing her only lover. Weapons: A Golden Bow and Arrow
Hunting Spears Sacred Animals: Deer, or stag
Fish Goats
Wild Boar
Wild Animals in General Symbols: Crescent Moon
Lyre What Her Symbols Mean Both of her weapons show that she is strong and independent. She doesn't let the men do her work for her, she does her hunting and her work herself. Her crescent moon shows that she is the goddess of the moon and the night. All of her sacred animals were strong and somewhat scary animals. This shows that she is strong and that she could be scary and threatening when she needed to be. What She Accomplished As A Goddess One of her main accomplishments was that she protected women from men. She was the virgin goddess and if ever witnessed a man trying to do something inappropriate to a women, he would be severely punished, the majority of the time with a gruesome death. She killed and punished many men for attempting to rape women. As a goddess, she also protected women while they were in labor. She also protected nature in the woods. Agamemnon, a young hunter, made the mistake of killing a stag sacred to Artemis. For his punishment, Artemis forced him to sacrifice his daughter to her. Instead of killing the daughter though, Artemis let her become one of her Priestesses. One of the most popular myths Artemis was involved in, was The Wrath of Artemis to Aktaion. She was bathing in the woods, the stream of Parthenius, when the hunter Aktaion came upon her. Her wrath was so strong that she then turned him into a stag so he would be unable to tell of the story. As he ran from her, his own hunting dogs, of 50 in number, dragged him down and killed him. Fun Facts~ Her temple in Ephesus was once one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, before being deliberately burned down by Herostratus in an attempt to gain fame. One of her old festivals to celebrate her as a goddess was approximately around May 30. Questions! 1) Who were Artemis' Parents? A. Zeus and Hera B. Apollo and Kyrene C. Zeus and Leto D. Zeus and Kyrene 2) Who was her closest companion? A. Kyrene B. Apollo C. Leto D. Orion 3) What was one of her Sacred Animals? A. Fly B. Husky C. Stag or Deer D. Baboon 4) What was she the Goddess of? A. The Hunt, Forest, Moon B. The Sun, Poetry, Music C. The Sea D. The Underworld 5) Who were her siblings? A. Kyrene B. Apollo C. Orion D. Poseidon 6) Who was her only lover? A. Hades B. Hermes C. Perry the Platypus D. Orion By: Tristin Evans
Jessica Longoria Thank you For Watching! :D ~LINKS~ http://www.theoi.com/Olympios/Artemis.html

http://www.goddessgift.com/goddess-myths/greek_goddess_artemis.htm http://gogreece.about.com/cs/mythology/a/mythartemis.htm

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