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Ancient Greek Culture

No description

Jessica Kim

on 5 January 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Greek Culture

BRONZE AGE Cycladic Civilization Minoan Civilization Helladic Civilization Mycenaeans Civilization Palace of Knossos Minoan Culture Minoan Snake Goddess Fresco Marble Figure A Mycenaean Palace Kantharos Drinking Cup: Helladic Period Trade Routes during Mycenaean Period Cyclades Islands DARK AGE Invasion of the Dorians History Religion ANCIENT GREEK: MYCENAEAN CULTURE Hera Aphrodite Poseidon Artemis Apollo Hermes Dionysus Athena Ares Hephaestus Demeter Zeus Belief in Fate Underworld River Styx God Hades Entering Temple in Athen Temple of Apollo in Delphi Funeral Rites Greek Priestess Preparing Bulls for Sacrifice A Religious Ceremony Everyday Life Food House Structure Olives Grapes Farming Staple Foods Olive oil Grape wine Fruits Raisins Figs Pomegranate Goat Cheese Barley/Wheat Bread Apricots Pears Government Roles Men Politics
Manage the crops Women No freedom
Domestic work Children Play with toys
Play games
Like pets -Poleis: City-States
-Monarchies during Mycenaean Period Social Hierarchy Upper Class Middle Class Freedmen Slaves Briseis -born on August 6, 1323 BCE in the city of Adramytium
-born to King Briseus and Queen Aristodeme
-mother died at age 5
-had three older brothers
-married at age 15
-became Achilles's war prize
-committed suicide Birth to Death Religion
-respected Apollo and Aphrodite
-house god was Plutus, the god of wealth

Family influence on personality

Everyday Life
-no freedom
-stayed at home More about Briseis Cultural Piece: Clay Pottery Short Skit Thank you for watching! By Sujeong, Gina, Jessica, Paul, and Edward Characters:
Barbara -Jessica
Callidora -Sujeong
Slave 1-Edward
Slave 2-Paul

Setting: Tea Party at Briseis’ house King Menelaus of Sparta History
-Indo-Europeans discovered Minyan ware in Greece

Importance to society
-store wine, perfume, oil
-used to serve food
-documentation of Ancient Greeks

How it was made
-spin on wheel
-painted with a black slip
-put into oven and the pot turns red
-fluctuations in temperature
-slip is black and the pottery is red

Process of its use
-adopted designs from the Minoans Minoan Type of Pottery Kylix Pottery Amphora Pottery
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