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Programming Language

No description

Jack Hooper

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Programming Language

Algorithm is a step-by-step procedure for calculations done in programming or for mathematics. They are mainly used in programming for data processing.
Syntax is a set of rules for programming where if there is a mistake the error symbol will come up and this will be a syntax error. This can be caused because of a incorrect spelling for example.
What is Event-driven Programming?
Event-driven programming is a programming paradigm which are based around events, for example through sensor outputs or user actions. The applications of event-driven programming is that it is used to create software programs and it is done much easier. The limitation of event-driven programming is that it may be hard to control and very time consuming to get all the events running correctly.
What is Procedural Programming?
Procedural programming is a programming paradigm deprived from structured programming, based upon the concepts of the procedure call. The limitation of procedural programming is that it will always be specific on the order of instructions to do a problem, this will be hard for the programmer to modify it. The application of procedural programming is that its used for solving variety of different problems.
What is object-oriented programming?
What is a Programming Paradigm?
Programming paradigm is the structure and pattern of the programming language which involves grammar, spelling and punctuation. This also includes a way of building the structure and elements of computer programs.
Types of Programing Languages
There are many types of programming languages from being old to more recent ones such as:
Visual Basic

What is programming language?
Programming language is formal language which is used so that you can communicate with your computer. This is also used to control how your computer will function.
What is Computer Programming?
Computer programming is when you give a specific computer a set of instructions for it to carry out. Programming is also needed for a computer to continue functioning.
What is Programming?
Programming is key in IT. Programming is done by writing source codes with different coding software. There is a large amount of testing and changing while programming because they will need to be 100% accurate.
Understanding Programming
By Jack Hooper
In this presentation i will explaining what computer programming/program language is and then give examples of different coding software and then explain the disadvantages and advantages of them.
Object-oriented programming is a programming
paradigm which represents its programming
concepts as objects. The object is created by the class, a class is sort of like a blueprint for the object. The limitation of object-oriented programming is that it has many lines of code and may start to become large in file size. The application for object-orientated is they encourage the programmer to place code in classes and give written instructions.
Reasons for Choice of language: Reliability
Reliability is a important reason on which language you choose to program with because this will influence on how often a specific program will crash, so it will be good to pick one which has the features for it to less likely to crash.
Reasons for choices of language: Expandability
Expandability is also important because this will determine how many users will be using the specific program. Some programming languages cannot support thousands of simultaneous users such as BBC BASIC, on the other hand Visual Basic can.
Reasons for choice of language: Suitability in terms of features and tools
You will need to look at what features it has to see if it is appropriate for the type of application you are trying to make. Some programming languages were specifically made to create certain applications and they have tools to support it. You will need to look at these to get a
idea of what you need to use.
Reasons for choice language: Development and maintenance costs
Cost is quite important when picking a programming language because while you are developing the cost to do that will begin to go up so it is good to keep in mind how much it will cost and pick the programming language which works well and you can pay for it.
Reasons for choice of language: availability of trained staff
In your company there will be people who have had past experiences of other programming languages so another reason you may pick a specific programming language is because maybe majority of the staff are comfortable with a specific programming language.
P1:Describe the application and limits of procedural, object-oriented and event-driven programming paradigm
P2:Describe factors influencing the choice of programming language
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