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David Archuleta

No description

Derek Patton

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of David Archuleta

DAVID ARCHULETA David's Background Life: - Born in Miami, Florida - Born on December 28th, 1990 - 19 years old - Singer/songwriter - Former American Idol competitor. David's Family: Father - Jeff Archuleta - manager for David's albums. David's Childhood: Age 10 - Won the children's devision
at the Utah Talent Competition. Age 12 - Became the junior vocal
champion on Star Search 2. David's Career: Age 16: Became one of youngest
stars on American Idol. In August 2008, he released his big
hit ''Crush''.
Released his first album 2 months later. Archie's accomplishments: Made it to American Idol Finished runner-up on American Idol
to David Cook. David: Age 12 Fun Facts about David Archuleta: - Has 2 albums out on CD:
One of them is called ''David Archuleta'', and the other one is called ''David Archuleta, Christmas From The Heart.'' Went on tour last summer with Demi Lovato. Sold over 750,000 copies of his first album in the US. Sold over 900,000 copies of his first album worldwide. NO ONE S I N G S B E TT A THAN D A V I D RCHULETA
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