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Gender Roles of the 70s

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Kali Krueger

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Gender Roles of the 70s

Gender Roles of the 70s
By: Kali Krueger, Chris Bennett, Dylan Jacobson, Nikhil Netraganti & Aaron
Who dictated gender roles in the 1970s?
How have gender roles changed since the 1970s?
How did gender roles finally begin to change in the 1970s?
The 70’s was the start where women started to enter the traditionally male working world in full force. They start to see sexual discrimination and gender gap between the males and the females, reflecting the frustration of women attempting to break into a traditionally male environment. Also the start of seeing society’s first attempts at eliminating gendered language. Women started to protest and complaining or standing up for their individual rights as human beans. The times were bad as well for men when they are starting to use proper language to women who started working. They show great promise to the women and girls who fought to gain where they are then to now. They show lots of honor and respect as they protest. For men our roles may have gone to be same letting the woman's work force to take action and let them be their own people but didn’t fully let them until the 2000’s. Men now and days seem to respect those girls that fought for themselves as no man would. but now they are feeling to now be equal with the women today, maybe even lower by just a little.
How were gender roles enforced in the 1970s?
Gender roles were not strictly enforced because of the time period. Many women role model came into the world and struck inspiration into the hearts of every day women. In society women just started to have the same say as men and were not viewed as items.
How did popular culture impact gender roles in the 1970s?
Can you guess who these people are??
70s Originally focused on dismantling workplace inequality. In present times women are going to work just like men.
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