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McDonald’s in Norway

No description

Vanji M

on 24 November 2015

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Transcript of McDonald’s in Norway

McDonald’s in Norway
Country Analysis
Size: 385,199 km² (148,726 sq miles)
Population: 5.019 million in 2012
Education: 13 years of school, education after that is optional.
Literacy and Technology level: Modern technology, especially in the oil business. Everyone in Norway receives education and can read. Norway scores 100% in all literacy categories.
Most people in Norway own modern technology.
As part of their commitment to the environment they are constantly looking for ways to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. (http://www.mcdonalds.no/no/om_mcdonalds/samfunn_og_miljo.html)
McDonald’s Analysis
74 restaurants in Norway
first McDonald’s restaurant opened in Norway in 1983
McDonald's Norway app is free to download. Here you can find your nearest McDonald's and Food and Allergy Guide . You also get latest deals straight to your mobile - exclusively for you app!
Country Analysis
Natural resources: Oil, gas, fish, metal and wood.
Exports: Norway is the third largest gas exporter in the world, but also exports a lot of fish and oil along with the gas.
Imports: Norway imports a broad specter of items. One of the biggest are cars. Other Imports include food, as much as 50% of Norway's food is imported.
Norway's major industries are mainly oil and gas, Norway has a big shoreline and therefore stand for a lot of the fish being distributed.
Some major holidays in Norway are Christmas and Easter, amongst other smaller holidays. There are mostly christian holidays in the country.
In Norway Norwegian is spoken, but they are good in English as well.
Norwegians are christians and they have very consistent family traditions where they eat dinner together every evening just like the US. Norwegians have a wide variety of jobs.
Norwegian food is different from other sides of the world. They have "Lutefisk" and "Brown-cheese" which is essentially almost rotten fish in oil and brown goat cheese.
Workdays in Norway tend to last from about 8:00-16:00 on average and one special job that is related to Norway is working on an oil rig. Not many people do it though.
Norway is colder than Virginia due to it's location in the north. The summer temperatures in Norway are equal to the late spring temperatures in McLean.
Norway does not grow much crops, due to the fact that only 5% of the country is sustainable area to grow crops, but potatoes are often grown in Norway.
Norway is a very rich country, they are socialist, so the government is in charge of the economy. The GDP per capita is 65656.95 USD.
The unemployment rate in Norway is 3.5% Unemployment is not a problem
Norway's money is called "Krone(NOK)" and you get around 1 dollar for 6 NOK.
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