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The Aztecs

by jacob fritts , toby sampson travis welch ,jaden shmit

Jacob Fritts

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of The Aztecs

The Aztecs
By Jacob Fritts
Toby samspon
Jayden Schmidt
Quick History
the Aztecs clothing for the commoners was mostly
loincloths and shoes but for the rich it was different
they wore feathers,loincloths and fans and for commoners
it was illegal to wear feathers and fan
Around 1300 CE the Aztecs wondered into the Vally of Mexico. When the Aztecs arrived other tribes already were there so the Aztecs had to settle for the swampy shores of Lake Texcoco. This did not bother the Aztecs had faith that their main god had sent them there for a reason.
Soon the Aztecs had made canoes, (so they could hunt birds that lived near the water and fish) They created floating gardens for food ( which are rafts anchored to a riverbed with dirt piled on top of it to grow plants. To secure it more walls were built around them.)
Toby Sampson
Travis Welch
They also built dikes to hold back the water
aztec religion
Once they settled they began to conquer the other tribes one after one after one. Soon The Aztecs had a empire built. Then the spanish came. The Spanish Went to war with the Aztecs but the spanish had the other tribes to help them. The other tribes seeking revenge also got conquered by the spanish. The spanish had guns, big fighting dogs and disease. The Aztecs might have been able to fight off the guns and dogs, but they had no defense against the disease. In the mid-1500's CE the Aztecs got defeated and the spanish conquered the area.
The Aztecs had many weapons like...
The bow and arrow
the maquahuitl
The Aztecs believed it took five gods to to crate the world. Tezcatlipoca, the first creator was knocked from his position by his rivals. This god would turn into a jaguar and destroy the world. Quetzalcoatl, is the one who could create humans. Of course, people were created before so he went to the underworld, retrieved bones and put them into different sizes. This is why some people are shorter. The Aztecs religion was a interesting because their main sacrifice was to cut out their hearts and gave them to the gods or goddess.Their other favorite sacrifice was to kill their self with a knife or murder the other tribes for the gods or goddess to keep their gods happy and not end the world.
The Aztecs were AMAZING with bow and arrows. It was believed that the arrows could fly over 450 feet.
bow and arrow
the Aztecs food was most maize, chocolate,tomato,potatoes and sometimes chicken,pork chops,beef they also had tortillas made from ground up
they made a hot chocolate called
corn.The Aztec's also had a spicy tooth
chocolate has peepers,corn meal,and spices.The Aztecs did not practice
cannibalism but it did sometimes happen.
How far could their arrows fly?
if u said 400 yards or over UR CORRECT :D!
What are floating gardens?
Number one.
Number two.
Number three.
Where in the Vally of Mexico did the Aztecs first settle.
Number four.
Daily Life
Because of this the Aztecs were feared
the Aztecs daily life was
quite simple they mostly
work or if they weren't
working they were trade
in a marketplace(a huge place
for shops)they trade for stuff
like loincloths,poaches,food
,baskets or the other way they
trade clothing or anything to
trade for cocoa beans.
what in clothing was it illegal
to wear for a commoner
i you said feathers
and fans good job

quick history 3
The Maquahulti was very strong weapon that was believed to have been able to chop a horse head off with one blow.The sides were embedded with either flint or obsidian.they were strong and the Aztecs knew how to use them they came in two verities one and two handed.They were made of wood (usually oak).
Number Four
daily life
what was in the hot chocolate?
peppers corn meal and spices is correct
Number Five
The Rich: They lived in brick, or for the extremely wealthy your house could be made of stone.
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