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Cell Analogy Project - Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

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kristen crawford

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Cell Analogy Project - Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

Animal Cell Analogy Project - Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
Cell Membrane
- The cell membrane is like the the walls at the factory because the cell membrane gives support to a cell, and the walls in the factory help the foundation of the factory.
- The nucleus is like Willy Wonka because he makes all the executive decisions. A nucleus in a cell is the control center of a cell and makes all the decisions.
- The cytoplasm is like the factory because
the factory holds all the chocolate and the ompa-loompas. The cytoplasm in a cell holds all of the organelles except the nucleus.

- The mitochondria is like the basement generators in the factory because, in the factory the generators are the main power or energy source for the factory. Without the generators the factory could not run efficiently. The same thing goes for a cell. Without the mitochondria the cell would not be able to function and the cell would die.
- The vacuole is is like the chocolate river in the factory because, in the factory the river holds all of the chocolate in the factory which is needed to make the candy bars. In a cell, the vacuole stores water, food, and metabolic waste.
- The ribosomes are like the ommpa- loompas because, the ommpa-loompas make the chocolate in the factory and, in a cell this type of organelle make proteins. Ribosomes are also the smallest organelles and ommpas- loompas are some of the smallest people according to the movie and book.
Endoplasmic Reticulum
- The endoplasmic reticulum is like the factory floor because, on the factory floor in the factory there is a complex system in which the candy is made. In a cell, the endoplasmic reticulum is a system of folded membranes and the folded membranes are like the technical equipment used to make chocolate.
- The golgi body complex is like the shipping department in the factory because, this organelle packages and distributes proteins such as lipids all around the cell. In the factory, the shipping department packages and distributes chocolate all around the world.
Golgi Body Complex
- The cytoskelton is like the support beams in the factory because in a cell, the cytoskeleton is a web of proteins in the cytoplasm and acts as a muscle. In the factory, the support beams are a maze of of protective beams to keep the factory in tact.
- The vesicle is like the wrapper of the of the chocolate because, in a cell the vesicle is a small sack that surrounds material that is going to be shipped in or out a cell. The candy wrapper surrounds the chocolate and the chocolate is the material that is going to be shipped in and out the factory.
- DNA is like the secert recipe book because, the DNA holds all the genetic material inside of the cell which tells the cell which jobs to do. The secert recipe book tells the ommpa-loopas how to make the chcolate and what to put in the chocolate.
- Lysomes are like the incinerators in the factory because, in a cell lysomes are responsible for the digestion in a cell . The lysomes break down old food and they destroy worn out organelles and protect the cell from invaders. The incinerators in the factory, take out egg shells and keep keep them from coming in.

- The nucleolus is like the oompa - loompa village because, the nucleolus is outside of the nucleus and the ommpa -loompa village is out side of the factory floor.
- The chloroplast is like the solar panels on top of the roof on the factory because, a chloroplast in a cell absorbs sunlight and uses the energy to make ATP. The solar panels uses sunlight to make energy to help power the factory.
- The cell wall is like the gates of the factory because, the cell wall in a cell gives support to a cell and the gates to the factory help support the factory because it protects invaders from coming in the factory.
Cell Wall
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