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Yalta Conference and Kristallnacht REAL

No description

Ryan Whitacre

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Yalta Conference and Kristallnacht REAL

Yalta Conference and Kristallnacht
By: Daniel Rotter and Ryan Whitacre
Winston Churchill
British Prime Minister
Joseph Stalin
Soviet Premier
Franklin Roosevelt
U.S. President
Yalta Conference-Who was there? When did it happen?
The U.S. persuaded Soviet Russia to join the Asian war against Japan
The three leaders planned for a post war world
Soviet Russia would get the lands that were taken then lost by the Japanese
What happened there?
The Russian-American wartime cooperation turned into the cold war
The cold war was a war between the U.S. and Soviet Russia
In the cold war there was a nuclear arms race, a space race, and proxy wars
What was caused by this?
Occurred on November 9-10, 1938
Means "Night of Broken Glass"
Germans went into all of their territories burning synagogues and destroying Jewish owned shops.
Was not a battle, it was a German invasion and the Jewish people were not engaged in battle with them.
Impact of Kristallnacht
267 Jewish synagogues burned to the ground.
Occurred not only in Germany, but
Sudentenland, Austria, and East Prussia.
Considered the beginning of the Holocaust.
The February of 1945

Kristallnacht Provoked?
When the German Ambassador to France was assassinated by a Jewish teenager, Germany had an excuse to attack.
Hitler and his Chief of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels decided to do something on a large scale.
Hitler and many of his executive got together and planned every single detail of the invasion.
Images of the Horrifying Nights
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