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Metehan Demirel

No description

Metehan Demirel

on 18 September 2017

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Transcript of Metehan Demirel

Journey to the top
GÖK Group
Gök Yapı - Located in Istanbul
Move to new factory within 1-2 years
Adding at least one or two new type of wagons to company's production portfolio every year with Full TSI
New Design Wagons for the market needs
TSI for other type of Buffers. ( Cat. C)

Thank you!
Metehan Demirel
Area of Activity: Manufacture steel constructions, Railcars, Buffers, Draw gears and all spare parts for the railway industry needs.

Sgns Wagon
Gök Yapı Sivas - Located in Sivas
DUREL Polymer Pads are used in both Buffer and Drawgear
Buffer & DrawGear
Talns Wagon
H Bogie
Founded in 1980

Located in Istanbul and Sivas

Total Employee: 400

Area of activity: Istanbul Headquarter is responsible for Store Production for Lc-Waikiki and Sivas factory is based on Railway Industry, Wagon and Spare parts production.
Founded in 2008

Located in Sivas

Total Employee: 200

Indoor area 20.000 m² + Outdoor area - 10.000 m²
Aluminum Doors
Tüdemsaş T.C.D.D.
: Aluminum Doors For Habiss and Gabss
2520 pcs have been sold.
Wagon Repairing and Maintenance, Modernizing and Reconstruction

Tüdemsaş T.C.D.D.
: 5000 Wagons have been modernized between 2009-2014
Chassis for Sgss Wagons
Tüdemsaş (T.C.D.D.)
520 Pcs. have been produced
Crew Living Wagon
Tüdemsaş (T.C.D.D.)
85 Wagon have been produced

Tüdemsaş (T.C.D.D.) 920
pcs. have been produced

Tüdemsas - Tülomsaş (T.C.D.D.)
: 13000 Buffer and 7000 Drawgear have been sold last 2 years.
Since our 1980 launch, GÖK GRUP has grown exponentially with over 400 Employee and offices in Istanbul and Sivas.
Length over buffer 19,740 mm
Bogie distance 14,200 mm
Track gauge 1,435 mm
Wheelbase 1,800mm
Tare weight (EN 15663:2010) 17.36t incl. bogies
Max. operating weight (EN15663:2010) 90t incl. bogies
Max. axle load 22.5t -
Wheel diameter new 920 mm
Max. speed 100 km/h (loaded) - 120 km/h (empty)
Crew Living Wagon
Chassis Production
The design and TSI Tests of H bogie is successfully completed. We are planning to get start serial production in 2017.
The design of Talns wagon have started beginning of 2015. We have already delivered 200 pcs wagon to our customer with Full of TSI and production is still continue.
Fulfill all TSI and UIC norms
Our company is recently start Sggmrs project. TSI tests is finished in February 2017 and Serial production will begin shortly.
We are currently working on the design for the Sffggmrrs Wagon and it's own Bogie design.
Tare : 33,5 ton

Total Length : 36500 mm

Bogie : Y33

Wheel Diamater : 730 mm

Loading Height : 825 mm

Max speed : 120 km/h

Total weight : 94,5 ton
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