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la defense

No description

sara duncan

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of la defense

La Defense La Defense is a major buisness district for the city of Paris. La Defense nowadays attracts many million tourists and shoppers. It is the most modern district in Paris. La Defense is Europe's largest buisness center with 80 hectares of skyscrapers and shopping centers. Skyscrapers in all shapes and forms. Driving and walking around the area can be visually stimulating. The modern office buildings, commercial centers, and residential towers are built around a central pedestrian courtyard (all traffic flows through tunnels beneath), decorated with fountains and modern sculptures. La Defense has the world's largest transportation center. La Defense is named after the iconic statue, La Defense de Paris, which was built in 1884 to commemorate the soldiers who had defended Paris during the Franco-Prussian war. The name of the area sometimes causes confusion with visitors, who think it is some kind of military zone or establishment. La Defense is the state of the Grande Arche, one of Paris' most modern and imposing landmarks. The Grande Arche de La Defense, a high-rise building that looks more like a hallow cube than an actual arch, has a viewing platform on its top. Charles de Gaulle built La Defense in the 1960's. For shopping, the "Quatre Temps", which when constructed was the largest shopping center in Europe, has numerous big name as well as small stores, several cinemas (showing French and subtitled foreign movies), as well as a large supermarket and grocery store.
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