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The Living Cell

No description

Ali Strickland

on 12 September 2011

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Transcript of The Living Cell

The Cell
Animal Cell
Plant Cell
ALL organisms are made of cells.
The cell is the smallest unit of living material.
The cell has major structures within it allowing it to live.
Some kinds of organisms are just ONE cell which is the organism's entire body. They are referred to as uni-cellular organisms.
Multicellular organisms are made up of more than one cell.
Cells vary in size, but they all contain major structures.
Cell Membrane
The soft, flexible outside covering of a cell.
Controls what comes in and out of a cell.
The gel-like fluid that fills most of the cell.
The organelles (all the structures in the cell) are found here.
A small structure that controls everything in the cell.
The "brains" of the cell.
Storage spaces in the cell.
Hold water and other nutrients the cell needs.
Also stores waste until the cell can get rid of it.
A major structure in the cell where energy is made.
The "power house" of the cell.
Cell Wall
Rigid structure that surrounds the cell membrane.
Gives added stability and protection to the plant cell.
ONLY found in plant cells.
ONLY found in plant cells.
Needed in the process of photosynthesis.
Contains chlorophyll that helps plants produce energy.
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