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05.02 The Enlightenment and Revolutions: Constitutional vs. Absolute Monarchies.

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Susan Tiennat

on 31 March 2013

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Transcript of 05.02 The Enlightenment and Revolutions: Constitutional vs. Absolute Monarchies.

Catherine The Great
Empress of Russia Learn How Different Present
Day Russia Is from Today? Fashion In The
16th Century! Expect the Unexpected
Inside Catherine's Story Expect the Unexpected
Inside Catherine's Story

Many things can be said about Empress Catherine . She is called Catherine the Great for a reason.She surpassed all expectations that were set in stone and changed Russia for the better.

Catherine II was born on April 21,1729 in Stettin , Prussia which is now known as Szczecin, Poland. Before she was empress, Catherine was a little known German princess. Her father, Christian August, was a prince and her mother, Johanna Elisabeth of Holstein-Gottorp was princess. Her mother was mainly focused on her younger brother,Wilhelm, in her younger years but when he died at 12, her mother eventually focused on Catherine.

After being introduced to Duchess Elizabeth of Russia, Catherine was engaged to her son Grand Duke Peter.After they were married,their marriage was anything but happy. On September 20 ,1754 after many misscariages Catherine produced an heir,a son that was named Paul..

After Empress Elizabeth's death in December 25, 1761, Catherine's husband assumed the throne, becoming Peter III, while she received the title of Empress.Peter was later overthrown after he angereed the Orthodox Church and alienated others and later was assassinated. Catherine became ruler,returned the land that Peter had taken from the church early in her reign and later expanded the borders of her country through great military skill.She also changed everyone's views that Russia was lacking in education and created a boarding school for girls of noble background .Furthermore she called for free schools to be created across Russia.

Catherine II loved the arts and sponsored many projects. Denis Diderot, a writer with whom she wrote to gave her her nickname, "Catherine the Great."In 1796,she had decades of ruling under her belt and grandchildren. She died later that year and was laid to rest.

Catherine II truly earned her nickname and changed Russia for the Better. even though she was a woman ruling in a absolute monarchy, she managed to exceed expectations and surprise many.It goes to show that we should expect the unexpected.
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