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The Basics of the Trojan War

No description

Cheryl Hanks

on 17 September 2018

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Transcript of The Basics of the Trojan War

The Basics of the Trojan War
Valiant Warriors
Achilles: greatest Greek warrior
Hector: greatest Trojan warrior
It is revealed by the Fates that both warriors would die before Troy would be overthrown
The Fated Battle
Achilles loans his friend Patroclus his armor.
Patroclus fights Hector
Hector kills Patroclus, and steals his armor
Achilles is MAD!
Achilles and Hector fight
Achilles=at an advantage b/c he knows the weaknesses of the armor
Achilles wins!
Achilles, still angry about the loss of his friend, he seeks revenge by disgracing the corpse of Hector.
The Wooden Horse, and the Fall of Troy
After a 10 yr. war, Odysseus, Greek King of Ithaca, devises the plan of the Trojan Horse
It was customary to give gifts to the gods, and often were larger-than-life animal sculptures, like the Trojan Horse
The Greeks pretend to leave, leaving one warrior behind--Sinon
He says that the horse is an offering for Athena, and it will please the gods if they bring the horse within the walls of Troy
At night, while the Trojans sleep, the men that are hiding in the horse bust out of the structure and intense battle ensues.
Ultimately, the Greeks win the war via deception
Aphrodite saves Helen, sending her back to Menelaus.
She goes from:
Helen of Sparta
Helen of Troy
Helen of Sparta
The Golden Apple of Discord
Peleus and Thetis are married, and invite most of the gods and goddesses
Eris--goddess of discord--is not invited and is bitter
She throws a golden apple inscribed with "for the fairest" amongst the guests--she knows this will create a ruckus
Lands with Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite who all want the apple
The Contest
Zeus selects Paris to judge the contest
It is Paris' fate to bring on the fall of Troy
The goddesses resort to bribery
Hera= kingly power
Athena= wisdom and glory in war
Aphrodite= the most beautiful woman in the world for his wife
Aphrodite wins!
Helen of Sparta is the most beautiful woman in the world...the only problem is she is already married!
The men vying for her hand in marriage were sworn to an oath--if the man selected as Helen's husband is ever in a time of need, they must defend him
Post marriage--Aphrodite leads Paris to Helen in Sparta, Greece
But wait, they were both fated to die, right?
Paris and Achilles fight
Paris shoots an arrow through the foot/heel of Achilles
His mother dipped him in the River Styx to make him invulnerable to weapons, but neglected to dip the part of his foot she held him by
Achilles dies :(
Paris goes to Greece
Taking advantage of the Greek principles of host and guest, Paris accepts hospitality from Helen and her husband, Menelaus
Menelaus has to leave for battle, leaving Helen and Paris alone...uh oh!
Aphrodite puts her magic to work, and gets


to fall in



and flee with him back to Troy,
launching the war!
The Gods Choose Sides
Hera and Athena (they're still mad about losing the beauty contest)
Aphrodite (Paris is a Trojan)
Zeus (b/c he=the head of the gods)
Apollo (b/c he=a healer and physician and didn't favor war)
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