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Greek vs. Norse Gods

No description

Arthur Stromquist

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Greek vs. Norse Gods

Arthur Stromquist Greek vs. Norse Gods Greek Gods Origins Greek God Characteristics As early as 3000 B.C. (early bronze age)
Greece and Aegeans
A very fertile land
Form of religion Norse God Comparison Similarities polytheistic
Human personalities
Feared by humans
archetypes throughout the gods and godesses Have the ability to die
Rarely visit humans
battle prone
Good vs. Evil complex Immortal
Often go down and visit the humans
peaceful (but feared)
council of gods
Came from Cronos Norse Gods
13th century
Mainly from Iceland
Cold and infertile lands
Form of literature Mount Olympus and Asgard Mount Olympus Where the greek gods reside
Well above the clouds
Great gate of clouds
Rivers of honey Asgard one of nine worlds
rainbow bridge to the world
Valhalla was here
lush landscape The Physical Appearance Very large and muscular
women are beautiful
Greek gods have golden blood (ichor)
much bigger then a normal person
Have a shine to them (Greek) Key Differences Asgard is a parallel world above midgard
Warriors are immediately put in Valhalla, Gods have to bring mortals specifically for deities
Mount Olympus is a place of joy, Asgard is preparing for Ragnorak
Why I chose this and Why it is relevant I chose this because the gods of this time, being a christian I thought it was very different but interesting so I wanted to look more into them.
It is relevant because we studied both the Norse and Greek mythologies so there gods were very important. Key Differences The gods of Greek mythology have the sense of invincibility and strive for pleasure and satisfaction, while the Norse gods know that they will inevitably die and lose to evil
The Norse gods are known to fight to the death and try to go against their fate of dying, this reflects back to the Viking culture in which they were made from Similar themes Sky gods (Zeus and Thor)
Ruler ( Zeus and Odin)
Queen of marriage is also married to head god (Frigga, Hera)
Trickster gods (Hermes and Loki)
Norse had 7 gods of the sea compared to the 40+ for greek
The Big Picture The Norse and Greek gods prove to be very similar. This is mainly due to because the polytheistic style, and looks that the Norse gods were influenced by Greek gods. The key difference is Ragnarok and that the Norse gods can die. This is the reason why the Greek gods seem to be much more pleasure hungry then the Norse gods.
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