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(10) Indo-European Migrations

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Mrs. Aiello

on 8 September 2017

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Transcript of (10) Indo-European Migrations

Essential Questions
Why were physical geography and location important to the development of Indian civilization?

What impact did the Aryans have on India?

Why was the caste system central to Indian culture?

What were the accomplishments of the Mauryan and Gupta empires?
were a group of seminomadic peoples. The Indo-Europeans also tamed horses and rode into battle in light, two-wheeled chariots. They lived in tribes that spoke forms of a language that we call Indo-European.

are dry grasslands

How did they get there?
The Aryans (who were also Indo-Europeans) who spoke an early form of Sanskrit, penetrated the mountain passes of the Hindu Kush and entered India

The Hittites:
were Indo-Europeans who occupied Anatolia , also called Asia Minor. Anatolia is a huge peninsula in what is now modern-day Turkey.
Caste System
The Untouchables
Critical Thinking Questions
What are your reactions to the caste system?

What are your reactions to the video?

How can you compare this to another point in history or to another civilization?
New Ideas
from the Aryans
The Aryans left almost no archeological records other than the Vedas- their holy book- which left an idea of Aryan life

Aryans or "the nobles" who were lighter and taller in color
took over the
Indian people who had darker skin color
and referred to them as
(which would soon mean slave).

The Aryans soon created a
rigid social hierarchy

caste system- Indian social class system in which people are broken up into groups or social classes- these classes were based on birth
Indo-European Migrations
Mini Quiz - Indo-European
1. The Aryans spoke which language?
a. Sanskrit
b. German
c. Indian
d. Persian

2. A dry grassland is known as a
a. Plateau
b. Peninsula
c. Steppe
d. Sub-continent

3. The Hittites occupied Anatolia which is located in modern-day
a. Lebanon
b. Israel
c. Turkey
d. Greece

4. Who were the first in Southwest Asia to smelt iron?
a. Aryans
b. Assyrians
c. Egyptians
d. Hittites

5. The sacred literature of the Aryans was known as the
a. Dasa
b. Vedas
c. Shudras
d. Brahmins

6. People were placed in their caste or group in the social pyramid based on
a. Birth
b. Money
c. Land
d. Religion

Go to Google Classroom for Caste System Worksheet
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