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on 8 November 2015

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Transcript of Persepolis

by Marjane Satrapi
"99.99% of the people have voted democratically...
...for the Islamic Republic."
"Half the country is illiterate."
"Siamak and his family have fled.
The bastards killed his sister."
"Mina and her family have left.
They say it's too dangerous here."
"They found Mohsen
drowned in his bath."
"Maybe we should leave Iran too."
"Eight years of war for nothing.
A million dead for nothing."
"Only one law will prevail:
That of blood."
"Daughters and sons of Iran...
...the Iran-Iraq war has killed our best children."
"Hamid was killed."
"Nima is dead."
"My uncle Anoush was jailed by the Shah, but the regime had him
"Democracy is based on justice.
So all men must be equal before Iranian law."
"But this new government of Iran adopted repressive laws, sparking the Iranian revolution.

In a matter of years...

every aspect of our lives changed."
"The Revolution and war had killed off part of my family."
"But a year after the Revolution, Iraq attacked Iran.

Iraq struck a vulnerable country, being significantly weakened from our recent revolution."
"My name is Marjane.
I am from Iran.
I led a peaceful and uneventful life as a little girl.."
"My name is Marji, and today's Iran is not for me."
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