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Jessica Squillace Year 8 Graphics

No description

Jessica Squillace

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Jessica Squillace Year 8 Graphics

TECHNOLOGY Jessica Squillace Criteria for Success This term in Graphics we are told to create a logo for a clothing line that we have developed. We are also creating a prezi presentation which is our folio using the prezi software that lists our design process. Design Brief There are a lot of things that will limit me in this project but the main factors that will limit me in my design work are:
Not knowing how to use a certain software as a lot of the applications on here I had never heard of or used before so it was difficult to get used to them.
Different things happening during school might cut off some our important lessons so valuable time will be lost and we will become very behind in our work so managing our time is going to be really important during this term. Design Limitations A well designed graphic image will be good quality, it wont be dodgy and poorly done. It will be colourful but not too cluttered. I'm not going to leave the work to the last minute as that will really effect my work and that will mean i wont be presented my very best work. SHOES Tom Sawyers Logo research table PMI evaluation of Sketches PMI evaluation for sketches RESEARCH
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