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Secondary Source Boot Camp: From Joseph Harris' "Rewriting:

No description

Ruth Book

on 7 June 2018

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Transcript of Secondary Source Boot Camp: From Joseph Harris' "Rewriting:

Secondary Source Boot Camp: From Joseph Harris' "Rewriting: How to do Things with Texts"
"A dialogue is not a debate. You don't win a conversation..." (36).
"A writer forwards a text by taking words, images, or ideas from it and putting them to use in new contexts. In forwarding a text, you test the strength of its insights and the range and flexibility of its phrasings" (38).
When you look to other texts for examples of a point you want to make
When you invoke the expertise or status of another writer to support your thinking
When you draw on terms or ideas from other writers to use in thinking through your subject
When you put your own spin on the terms or concepts that you take from other texts
“To counter is not to nullify but to suggest a different way of thinking” (56).
“Countering looks at other views and texts not as wrong but as partial—in the sense of being both interested and incomplete. In countering you bring a different set of interests to bear upon a subject, look to notice what others have not. Your aim is not to refute what has been said before, to bring the discussion to an end, but to respond to prior views in ways that move the conversation in new directions” (56).
Arguing the other side
Uncovering values
Arguing the other side:
Showing the usefulness of a term or idea that a writer has criticized or nothing problems with one that she or he has argued for
Uncovering values:
Surfacing a word or concept for analysis that a text has left undefined or unexamined
Identifying a shared line of thought on an issue in order to note its limits
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