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Signing Naturally - Unit 3

No description

Cori Goldberg

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Signing Naturally - Unit 3

Talking about Surroundings Signing Naturally - Unit 3 A: Where is the bathroom?
B: It's down the hall and around
the corner.
A: Is it near the elevator?
B: No, it's near the snack machines. Dialogue Format Using the prompts, ask a partner where the following are located: Where is........? A: I want coffee, where can I buy some?
B: Over there in the cafeteria or over there at the coffee machine. I want.... A: Where is the bathroom?
B: It's downstairs.
A: Is it near the elevator?
B: No, it's near the library. Correcting Information bathroom cafeteria
water fountain
class+room library
bookstore office
elevator Environment food drink


milk coffee


soda [machine] Food Related want



come-to Verbs near


over there

right there Directions fine

or [fs]

Numbers 11-15 Other Signs water fountain

cafe library

ASL classroom

bookstore Center 3 Pick other food items and practice telling where they can be purchased. Review: #1-10 Numbers #11-15
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