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02.07 Social Problems and Solutions Chart

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Joey Heft

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of 02.07 Social Problems and Solutions Chart

02.07 Social Problems and Solutions Assignment
Interview Questions and Answers
Chris T. - She volunteers at the Humane Society of Naples
1. What are your reasons for volunteering?
-She loves animals and likes to find ways to help them and to help raise money for the Humane Society
2. What is the purpose of the organization for which you volunteer?
-To help animals in need and to raise money and to find homes for them
3. What duties do you perform to aid the organization?
-Help raise money to support the organization
4. Why is such an organization needed in your community?
-To help animals in need
5. What rewards do you receive from your volunteer work?
-To help animals in need and for the feeling she gets when she helps the animals
6. What challenges are faced by volunteers in your organization?
-Raising money for the cause and finding a good home for the animals
7.What has volunteer work helped you learn about yourself?
-That she is a giving person and that she loves animals
8. What have you done that you feel has significantly touched the life of another person?
-That she has given a companion to a person that was looking for one and found a good home for the animal
9. What made you want to volunteer for this organization?
-She loves animals and likes to make a difference
10. How long do you volunteer for in a day?
- "It is not a daily thing , it goes on through the year and I help with whatever is needed of me, and whenever it is needed"
02.07 Social Problems and Solutions Chart
Child Labor


Lack of

Her Opinion on the Government Shutdown
In our interview I asked her about her opinion and feelings on the Government shutdown and how she felt about it, she said this. " I do not blame the president, I blame the rest of the government". The whole situation made her feel "frustrated" she said. This was because she said the government are getting paid for running the government and the government shutdown and they are still not resolving any problems. She said that they need to look at the issues as people not as Democratic and Republicans. They cannot blame the president also said Chris. They need to blame themselves because they should have been working together to solve the issues that led to the government shutdown in the first place. I asked her what she would do if she was in their shoes in the white house. She said that she would be having the Democrats and the Republicans working as a whole rather then the Political sides everyone knows them to be. Working as ''humans'' she said not able to blame anyone else and could solve the problems that they were presented with.
It was never really addressed because of the living arrangements in cities such as the building being made of wood and candles being the only source of light and burning down building forcing people out onto the street which made thieves and pickpockets thrive
The Fair labor Standards act was passed which basically outlawed all of child labor
More Tenements were built because of the Tenement Building owners realizing they could make more money if they had more Tenement housing buildings
I believed that the Problem was successfully addressed because of the fact that people up to this date have abided by it
For the most part yes it has been, this is because more buildings were build to ensure that more people could live in them
Yes it has been addressed successfully because more safety precautions have been taken when making buildings
No it is not an issue today because it is against the law for certain aged children to be working
Yes and No because there are still people that are homeless but there are enough buildings for them to live in
Yes, for the most part because there are security cameras and protection everywhere such as police officers and fire fighters
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