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SWN Metals [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 9 December 2015

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Transcript of SWN Metals [Shared]

Everything we do is to provide more strength, integrity, and security for people looking for a better way to live.

We have the most valuable products
on the planet:

Gold, Silver, and Graded Coins.
We Found A Better Way!
Almost ALL of the products of this industry will eventually be worth nothing. But not ours…

This industry is saturated with “Me Too” opportunities and inefficient compensation plans that do not work.
Some simple truths…
So if you are going to collect something on a monthly basis… doesn’t it make sense to collect something with lasting value?

If you are going to earn additional income, doesn’t it make sense to join something that provides a clear, simple path to maximum success?
Some simple answers…
SWN Metals has the right combination
Perfectly Graded Coins
The ability to purchase bullion (gold, silver, etc) AT COST.
A way to generate a significant residual income…
The simple truth…
Sean Briscombe is a Certified Liability Advisor (CLA), and a
Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS), and has helped
individuals and corporations to manage their liabilities, increasing
their cash flow for more than 12 years.

SWN Metals is here to ensure the longevity and integrity of people’s hard earned money.

“We want to increase our customers wealth through the power of community and common goals by basing SWN Metals on solid principles of trust, kindness, fairness and opportunity!”

Sean Briscombe
CEO / Founder
How We

Premium Package - $399
$100 Direct, $50 Indirect and 150BV

Bullion Package - $279
$100 Direct, $50 Indirect and 100 BV

Associate Plus Package $149
$10 Direct Commission and 50 BV

Optionship Graded Coins
$10 Direct Commission and 50 BV
Direct and Indirect Commissions
Team Cycle Bonus
400BV on Left & Right leg and you’ll get paid $100 in Team Cycle Commission… Regardless of who on your team made the sale.
Binary Compensation Plan
We collect assets in the form of Graded Coins through SWN Metals wealth building program called the Optionship.

These coins can be ordered directly or you can get them on the company’s Optionship Program.

Graded Coins are:
Coins whose prices are priced on rarity, condition, dates, and mint marks in addition to its gold or silver content.

Every Graded Coin Purchased =
50 BV (points)
1 coin for $99
2 coins for $97 each
3 or more coins for $95 each
Optionship Program
*Values Based on NGC’s Web Site, one of the top two coin grading companies in the world, as of Feb 3, 2015
The Power of Optionship
At Cost Bullion
Access to Optionship™ products
Legal Services (where available)
Lifelock (where available)
Automated Website, SWN Back Office Dashboard and Mobile App - $10 Recurring
Earn referral commissions by sharing the Associate Programs with others
2 Typical WAYS TO JOIN!
$Valuable Savings
Start Living
Your Dreams

: 2 personally sponsored Associates -1 Right 1 Left
Premium Package =
150 BV (points)
Bullion Package =
100 BV
Associate Plus =
50 BV
Graded Coins =
50 BV each
Passive Residual Income
How Much is a MS70 Silver Eagle Coin Worth?
1986 - 2014
$399 Premium Package – Most Popular Package
(150BV, $100 Direct, $50 Indirect)
Access to Optionship™ products
Automated Website – SWN Back Office Dashboard and Mobile App - $10 Recurring
Earn referral commissions by sharing the Associate Programs with others
$279 Bullion Package (100BV) Direct $100, Indirect $50, 100 BV
Includes the first Coin of the Month
$120 Value
$120 Value
Legal Club of America
$120 Value
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