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Creating an Annotated Bibliography

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Athena Nielsen

on 22 September 2016

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Transcript of Creating an Annotated Bibliography

Creating an Annotated Bibliography
An annotated bibliography could include:
a citation in an appropriate style (MLA)
a brief summary of the text
comment on the authority or credibility of the author
comment on strengths and weaknesses of their argument
the author's point of view
how the text relates to your essential question or thesis
ONE example is presented for you below:
Source from a magazine:
Author(s). "Title of Article."
Title of Periodical
Day Month Year: pages. Medium of publication.
What is an annotated bib, you ask?
An annotated bibliography is a list of sources, together with a very short
for each source.
Some websites to guide you through MLA
Salinsky, Edward. "Obesity in America: A Growing Threat."
Scientific American
24 March 2010: 36-38. Print.
This article was written by a research associate who works for the National Health Organization. Salinsky focuses on the economic and health costs associated with obesity and health-related issues, not just for individuals struggling with weigght problems, but for the country as a whole. This article has useful evidence to support my thesis about consequences of inaction by the government.
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