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Pros and Cons of Slavery

No description

Kathy Figueroa

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Pros and Cons of Slavery

Pro for Slavery #1
The economy of Britain would have collapsed. They needed slavery so they can still be in wealth and be successful. It was very important to Britain because their economy relied on it.
Con for Slavery #1
African Americans were took away from their homeland. Some would rather have died there then be sent away and work. Many would die to the voyage to get to the United States.
Con for Slavery #2
Slavery is inhumane because its the selling of people as if they were objects. They were told what to do and they couldn't object because they would otherwise whip them or may even kill them.
Pro for Slavery #3
Slavery helped get produce and products get done quicker. If only like two men work in a big field they wont finish as much. If they have a lot of slaves working on it, it would be way more efficient.
Con for Slavery #4
Slavery goes against the Declaration of Independence. In the Declaration of Independence it says that all men are treated equally. If some are treated differently in a cruel way that isn't being equal.
Pro for Slavery #4
Slavery had already existed. Slavery existed all over the world. Britain was just taking part of that too. If other people could do it so can they.
Pro for Slavery #2
Slavery was really good on money. You would get a person to work for you all day and not have to pay them everyday. You just buy a slave and that's it. You keep them forever and you can do whatever you want to them.
Con for Slavery #3
It isn't fair to make only African Americans work for white British people. Its discriminating black people for their color skin and so therefore they should be treated differently. That isn't fair to African Americans.
Pros and Cons of Slavery
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