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Character Clouds

Create a Character cloud comparing two charecteristics of two main students.

Heidi Bradford

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of Character Clouds

Character Clouds 1. Write Down the Title of Your Book and Author. Create a Picture Clue. 2. Pick Two Main Characters One Male and One Female 3. Make Two Lists of 25 Character Traits. 4. Some of your lists have to contain short descriptive phrases not just single words.

Able~to~defend 5. If you have a phrase while typing
you must include a ~tilde inbetween your words. Ex. Percy~is~wise. 6. Character Traits can include
some decription of his appearance. + Percy Annabeth Percy
____ Annabeth
_____ Half~Blood
Son~of~Poseiden Half~Blood
Daughter~of~ Athena www.wordle.net Copy and Paste Your
text and create your wordle.
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