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Universal Design - Assignment 3

No description

Krystal Rodriguez

on 8 February 2014

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Transcript of Universal Design - Assignment 3

Examples of architectural Universal Design found on the WNCC campus:

All levels of campus are accessible from automatic doors on each level (this eliminates the need to use the stairs to access any level).
bathrooms have lowered counters
Parking lot has no curbs near doorways to make it easier for those on crutches/wheelchairs.
Ramps into a commons area with seating that is movable
Wider hallways
Universal Design and the curriculum: This allows teachers to be flexible in their teaching and provides a wide range of opportunity to use different means to present to all students. Furthermore, in the same sense it allows students to interact and respond.
Works cited
What is Universal Design. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.universaldesign.com/about-universal-design.html

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Facts about Univrsal Design not previously known:
one of the first Universal Designs created was the dropped curb (Wikipedia)
examples of design for all include the following; flexible straw, electric toothbrush, google,
"...by 1966, 30 states had passed accessibility legislation." (Universal Design History)
Unviersal Design was founded by Ronald L. Mace (What is Universal Design)
In 2003 a committee was created to propose standards for products and services which make peoples lives easier. (Wikipedia
Universal Design - Unlimited and unrestricted access for all people to complete daily routines and functions with no barriers.
Universal Design is imperative for adults and students because it allows them to interact and react where in other instances they might not be able to. In addition it makes everyday activities managable.
Universal Design
(Assignment 3)
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