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My Dream School

teacher training

Fatima Suleymanova

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of My Dream School

Fatima Suleymanova Dream School
(Demo Lesson) Aims:
By the end of the lesson learners will be able to:
talk about education
extend their understanding of lexis connected to education and school
make presentation on their ideal school using the useful language
What was your favourite or least favourite subject at school? Why? Answers:
1. History, 2. Geography, 3. Maths, 4. Music, 5. English 1. STORYHI
5. LISHNGE Activity 1. Work in pairs and unjumble the anagrams Activity 2. Work in groups and discuss the following questions. UK education: Full-time education in is compulsory for all children aged between 5 and 16 in the UK. Students can then continue their secondary studies for a further two years. Students usually do GCSE exams at age 16 then A levels at 18. What else did you study at school?
Were any subjects obligatory?
What exams do people usually take before they leave school?
What do you know about official school exams in the UK?
• You are going to read a text called ‘Dream school’. Will you predict which of the following the text might be about:

A) A dream interpretation school
B) A Perfect School
C) A school where pupils learn while they are sleeping F F T T F F Activity 3

Read the text again to decide if the statements in exercise A are true or false. Compare your answers in pairs B) A perfect school Dream School Read the text to check if your prediction was correct Activity 4
Underline all the words in the text related to school and education. How
many words can you find? Compare your list with a partner. Activity 5
Read the ‘ideal school’ list in paragraph 3. Write a tick (✓) if you agree or a cross (x) if you disagree. Compare your list with a partner. Which of the items on the ‘ideal school list’ in the text relate to
students (e.g., friendly children),
the school building
exams. Activity 6 Activity 7. My dream school
Design your ideal school with a partner. Make some notes. You are going to present your ideal school to the class. Use your notes to prepare a mini presentation with the picture of your dream school

Useful language:
Our ideal school is/has…
We think that…
We would like more/less…
And that’s all. Teachingenglish.org.uk Resourse Thank you!
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