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4.08 The Birth of New Ideas DBA

No description

Thea Dakila

on 21 July 2014

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Transcript of 4.08 The Birth of New Ideas DBA

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4.08 The Birth of New Ideas DBA
Causes and Effects of the Black Death/ Great Famine on 14th century European Societies
Pneumonic Plague was caused by fever and spitting of blood and the body became marked with small black blisters (hence the name The Black Death). This was the more infectious disease and almost always fatal.

Bubonic Plague was spread by fleas on rats, and the symptoms were fever and carbuncles and enlarged lymph glands or buboes (hence the name bubonic plague), and the recovery rate for this was higher.

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Thea Dakila
The Black Death
The population around 1300 in England was around 5 million, in 1400 it was around 2.5 million. Plague caused huge social changes throughout Europe, there were less people to work the lands and those that survived had more wealth between them.
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