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Enviromental Health Problems and Solution


Morgan Eilers

on 3 March 2010

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Transcript of Enviromental Health Problems and Solution

Enviromental Health Problems and Solutions By Morgan Eilers 1.Changes in local weather 2.Global Warming 3.Diseases 4.Air Pollution 5.Acid Rain 6.Toxic Ingredients 7.Chemicals 8.Damages in the ecosystems 9.Lack of green spaces 10.Water Pollution we could put sprinklers in the fields car pool make sure the building are good so the chemicals cant get out use more energy efficient light bulbs use body soap and hair products 3 times a week instead of everyday we shouldnt build buildings we don't need use more solar energy and clean energy create new medications for diseases that keeps them from spreading tell the land developers to stop destroying land we need find a different place to empty our waste and other things
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