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Design for sustainable development - Textile

Presentation on sustainable design and strategies developed for the Swedish School of Textile in collaboration with Jenny Stefansdotter Stentoft at our studio Design Stories.

Kerstin Sylwan

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Design for sustainable development - Textile

The Story of Stuff design for
sustainable development a development that cultivates environmental and social conditions that will support human well-being indefinitely Anne Thorpe ecological sustainability cultural sustainability economical sustainability circularity feedback up- and downcycling share D.I.Y upgrading on demand industrial
waste history flexibility materials Material Needs
basic life support

Immaterial Needs
spare time
freedom products
technology information
feedback services
collaborative use AllYours
Anders Åkesson Lånegarderoben Bemz Flower Lamp
Interactive Institute London Olympic Arena
Populous Wretmansstället
Jonas Thorstensson Accidental Carpet
Tejo Remy paper
an example of downcycling Interface Floor Matilda Wendelboe NewspaperWood
Vij5 Janne Kyttanen/Freedom Of Creation
Monarch inspired by nature knowledge is power the gleaners philosophy services products we use design as a tool to visualize and enable change books presentation and workshop by biomimicry shallow
deeper BioStream, BioPower Systems Shoes with a cause, Peoplepeople Klättermusen Old News, Creatables 90% of the energy consumption in clothes occurs during use. How can we as designers affect this? Speedo,
From Somewhere our time? Mountain, wallpaper pattern drawn by 8 years old Otto Dunker FOC Janne Kyttanen, Trabecula chair Oddbirds,
Pillow Rut How can we design textiles to be used by several people, and in different ways? Materialens
magi Workshop: shape of the future Work in your groups.
Designers are in charge of documentation. 11.00 Lunch
12.00 Start workshop
12.30 Rotate
13.00 Rotate
13.30 Rotate
14.00 Analysis and presentation Grow-Green, Jennifer Elze and Henrike Von Besser Fokus Fabrik, printed fabrics on eco cotton and hemp IKEA hack, painted carpet Colectif France Tricot Jeeves and Wooster by Jake Phipps Hötorgslampan Sittlumpar Foliage>>>Spegling>>>Rango Atomic Basket Workshops Poster from the exhibition
Uppvunnet Velcro Generator by Voltaics tailored suits Riot and Return, Amy Twigger Holroyd AllYours, Anders Åkesson Scenarios:
End of oil!
Production in Asia is unprofitable. Janine Benyus Cradle to Cradle
William McDonoguh
Michael Braungart Flower Lamp, Interactive Institute/Front
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