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New/ Digital Media Case Study

Case study on the effect of new/ digital media on high street shopping.

Aliyah Allen

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of New/ Digital Media Case Study

The Impact of New/ Digital Media on High Street Shopping High street shopping has significantly changed over the past couple of years. From being reliant on high street shops for goods, to now relying on new media advances, digital technology and the internet. It went from this... To this! So basically... Online shopping. You don't even have to move anywhere to do it. Even though there are many advantages in using new media in place of the high street... Unfortunately there are many disadvantages. These will be explored in terms of... TECHNOLOGY AUDIENCE ISSUES THE FUTURE A lot of people prefer to shop online due to the fact that it's fast and easy. People nowadays have no time to go out and buy goods physically, so opting for the easier option of doing it online is constantly used. Due to this, apps are adapting rapidly in order to make it easier for people to shop online It's fairly quick, opting for next day delivery can be a blessing. Is it really cheaper? Delivery charges are a lot if you think about it. Encourages increased spending Is it really worth the hassle? For example sending stuff back if they don't work or fit. Weighing up the Pros & Cons Globalisation: Easier to shop for things not available in a given country; international shipping etc Here's another way at looking at the aspect of online shopping and how it affects consumers. The advance in technology in relation to online shopping is fundamental to note. Without the advances in it, a lot of the stuff that we are able to do now wouldn't exist! Examples of some of the things we can do thanks to technology are: Shopping via mobile apps Catwalk videos, having the 'try on' option. One- click shopping via Amazon This is the technique of allowing customers to make online purchases with a single click, with the payment information needed to complete the purchase, already entered by the user previously. Amazon also have their mobile app, that uses barcode scanning, allows users to take photos, check availability etc. The advances in technology allow more consumerism to take place; which reinforces the idea that a lot of companies are in some ways 'jumping on the bandwagon' when coming up with apps and easier shopping. For example, ASOS (As Seen On Screen), contains a wide range of brands, celebrity clothing and styles all in one place. There's no need to venture out to different sites when one has it all. The recession has also boosted the appeal of online retailing; it makes people determined to make every penny count. There are many issues when it comes to think of the effect that new/ digital media has on the high street. It encourages increased spending Shops then begin to close/ go into administration People begin to lose their jobs It essentially makes people spend money they don't have; it makes them feel as if they have to. The most recent being HMV and Blockbusters, amongst many others such as La Senza, Jessops, Clintons and Barratts. The reasons why HMV has gone into admin is summed up in these videos. 1.55 0.56 0.44- 1.40 VS. More than 1.3 million people have lost their jobs since the recession has been in full effect Question: How active are the consumers? In this case, audiences are not taking the passive seat, and instead are more likely to be on top of the new advances in tech. In some ways, consumers still have that choice of how they like to shop depending on what suits there individual needs and requirements. Audiences then become empowered because of the wide range of choice they have. Taking on a Postmodern aspect... Reinforcing the idea of a 'virtual reality'; the fact that you can actually try things before you buy online may become much more popular amongst years to come compared to now. There might be an outbreak of considerable moral panic There will be a considerable rise in the panic of people HISTORICAL CONTEXT OF ONLINE SHOPPING
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