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Buzz Off - Mosquito Repellent

Marketing Plan for a new product

on 14 March 2015

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Transcript of Buzz Off - Mosquito Repellent

Buzz Off Mosquito Repellent
Survey Results
1. 54 % of people dislike Odour of Other Mosquito Repellents.
2. 8% dislike because of the High Price.
3. 19% dislike because of not much effectiveness.
4. People wanted a Product which is unharmful, effective, odourless.
5. People wanted something different from Refills.
About Buzz-Off Mosquitos:
1. It is a natural Product capable of killing mosquitos.
2. It will be available in 4 fragrances
3. It is portable as the product will be in the form of the card.
4. Made up of natural herbs like citronella and lochinch.
SWOT Analysis
1. Portable
2. Effective
3. Energy-Free Product
4. Cost Effective
Market Strategy
Urban Market:
a) Natural / Herbal Product
b) Pleasant Fragrance
c) Portable
d) Effective
e) Easy to use

1. Ineffective for larger Area.
1. Advantage for people with Lung problems.
2. 93% Rural segment do not Mosquito repellents.
1. Major established companies.
2. Price Wars.
Rural Market:
a) Low Cost Product
b) Energy-Free Product
c) Portability
d) Effectiveness
e) Pleasant Fragrance
f) Easy to use

3 different packs of 10, 20 & 50 strips will be sold.
Rural Markets, Tier 2, Tier 3 cities
Urban market

1. Creating Awareness by Distributing Samples
2. Partner with NGO & sell the product at miminum Price.


Distribution Channel
Pricing of Buzz-off
Promotion of Buzz-off
Multilevel selling strategy
Target Costing
is used to set the SP at Rs. 2/ Strip.

Breakup of the Cost:

Manufacturing cost 1.48
Distributor 0.08
Transportation 0.04
Retailer 0.10
Total Costing 1.70
Profit Margin 0.30
Selling Price 2.00
Print Media
Public Relations
Sales Promotion
Digital Marketing
Online Search
Push Money
Trade Contest
Total Promotional Cost = Rs. 25.90 lacs for 3 months
Buzz off Mosquito Repellent
Presented by : Group 9
Perceptual Maps
Thank You!
Print Ad
Promotional Video
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