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Air Force Training Course

No description

Andrew Holmes

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Air Force Training Course

Air Force Training Course
SSgt Andrew Holmes
Air Force Education and Training, OJT Responsibilities
Planning Training
Initiating the Training Process

Course Overview

Training Forms and Their Documentation
Conducting and Evaluating Training
Course Conclusion

Course Overview (con’t)

Student reading materials and References
AFI 36-2201--- Air Force Training Program
AFH 36-2235, Vol II --- Information For Designers Of Instructional Systems
AFMAN 36-2236 --- Guidebook for Air Force Instructors
Air Force Enlisted Classification Directory

Types and Uses of Instructional Material
To encourage participation and evaluate understanding of course materials

Completion of exercises in the student workbook at the end of each objective

Student Measurement and Progress Checks

Without reference, identify general on-the-job training responsibilities of Air Force personnel and current training programs and policies with at least 70% accuracy

Objective (2a)

General OJT responsibilities

Training programs and policies


Air Force Career Field Manager (AFCFM)
Determines training requirements (U&TWs)
Ensures implementation of training programs
Coordinates OJT documentation deviations (CFETP part II)

MAJCOM, FOA, DRU, ANG and USAFR Functional Manager
Develop requirements, implement, and manage career field programs for assigned specialties
OJT policy clarification and interpretation

General OJT Responsibilities

Base Education and Training Manager

Base OPR for OJT
Serves as test control office
Serves as distance learning office
Formal School Management
Trend analysis

General OJT Responsibilities

Unit Commander

The KEY to a successful training program
Overall responsibility for compliance and effectiveness of unit training program
Ensures that OJT satisfies the needs of the unit
Monitors the OJT program and progress
Ensures that supervisors conduct initial evaluations

General OJT Responsibilities

Unit Education and Training Manager
Serves as unit OPR for OJT
Serves as unit training advisor
Ensures that unit personnel are trained to perform their OJT responsibilities
Instructs and administers the Air Force Trainer Course
Ensures that the work centers meet CFETP, duty, and skill-level upgrade requirements
Conducts unit training meetings
Provides reports as required or requested
Conducts formal & informal work center visits

General OJT Responsibilities


Plans, conducts, schedules, and evaluates OJT
Develops a MTP to ensure 100% task coverage
Identifies skill-level upgrade requirements
Conducts initial evaluations within 120 days
Verifies that trainees complete UGT requirements and recommends for upgrade
Administers the CDC program for assigned trainees
Manages OJT documentation

General OJT Responsibilities (con’t)


Attends a formal trainer’s course
Stays qualified on task on which you are training others
Plans, conducts, and documents training
Prepares teaching outlines or task breakdowns if required (ie; lesson plans)
Develops evaluation tools
Documents training for task trained

General OJT Responsibilities (con’t)

Task Certifier (must be 5 level SSGT.)

Attend a formal task certifier course
Be capable of certifying the task
Do not certify the same task that you trained
Develop evaluation tools
Document certification on core & critical task if required
Identify trainees strengths and areas needing improvement

General OJT Responsibilities (con’t)


Understand CFETP requirements & career path
Maintain knowledge & qualification
Maintain training progress by accepting all possible opportunities for qualification & upgrade training
Be a productive member of the unit team
Give supervisor feedback

General OJT Responsibilities (con’t)

The purpose of the E & T Program is to ensure each individual is prepared to meet AF mission requirements

Training Program and Policies

Enlisted Personnel Skills Training Requirements

3 Level (Apprentice)
Complete resident initial skills training
If retraining, and resident courses are not available or required, complete FTD or OJT training as available or required

Training Program and Policies Cont.

5 Level (Journeyman)

Complete all mandatory CDCs
Complete training and be certified on all mandatory core task
Complete training on all other duty position tasks
Complete 15/9 months in UGT as applicable
Complete any other requirements as identified in Air Force Enlisted Classification Directory, AFI 36-2201, and CFETP
Be recommended by the supervisor for upgrade

Training Program and Policies (con’t)

7 Level (Craftsman)

Complete all mandatory CDCs
Complete training and be certified on all mandatory core tasks
Complete training on all other duty position tasks
Complete 12/6 months OJT as applicable
Attend and complete 7 level school
Complete any other requirements as identified in Air Force Enlisted Classification Directory, AFI 36-2201, and CFETP

Training Program and Policies (con’t)
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