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Nickolai's Nuances

No description

Linda Mohamed Said

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Nickolai's Nuances

Nickolai Nuances
A word spelled the same way as another but having a different sound and meaning: tear (rip) & tear (cry a tear).
A word that changes its meaning (and sometimes pronunciation)when it is capitalized; the capitalization usually applies due to one form being a proper noun or eponym: Harem Haram.
Words with different meanings which are spelled the same but pronounced differently: read (red) & read (reed).
A word pronounced the same as another but differing in meaning, whether spelled differently or not: heir & air.
A word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning and may differ in spelling: rose (flower) & rose (past tense of rise).
Each of two or more words spelled the same, but not necessarily pronounced the same, and having different meanings and origins: Bow (an arrow and bow) & Bow (take a bow).
I uh...am built uh...wanna erect uh...concot a scheme for use to ewes. It's a bout the Nyms, Phones, and Graphs of Homo.
I'm The MAN
I want to teach you a Lesson.
Yes, the Nymphs and Phones of Hetero...she's suite and tuff, all trust up (I love her wracks) with her hare in waives, end a reel joule with trussed in that Profit Jesus. (Pleas excuse this pour excuse for Art.)
I ware a choler but Jesus whacks and wains on my idol pause. He's my faux; no farrow to those Egyptians. I mach. I raze my eyes to His seen and wind down my gutsy wind.
"Suits me fine"
, that pinned striped soot.
"Sue me"
"what can you due me?"
Pony up my rued rye purl of wisdom in this card game. I'm at my pique in life, welcoming the Mourning Son to here the cries of pleas to turn ino crise of please. An operatic lyre; don't stop your wine...I love to sea and insight pane. Ware my wring, except my bridle praise. Come, Host upon my alter of insense, bare my heart and cross my bust with ax of Love, the Censor of the Lam. Learn these Nymphs for
. You May March down the Isle of Limns. Chews .
I got "IT".
الفروق الدقيقة نيكولاي لالفروق الدقيقة نيكولاي ل

Yank My Fallacy
Sign my marker. Correct homonyms, homographs, homophones, heteronyms, heterophones, and capitonymsاto cross my code. Meet me later.لفرو
Choose words you wise cracker. Dig up a Dictionary and Thesaurus. Scram! Get out of here! Wise up to origins of words. Catch its drift. Master the Metaphors (as Mestopholes), Similes (not like smiles), Idioms (See the light you dimwit), Personification (I am the Man), Hyperboles ( You'll wait, until Hell freezes over), and Paradoxes (I'm lying, and everything I say is a lie). Smoke your lips. الفروق نيكولاي الفروق نيكولاي للالفروق نيكولاي للفروق نيكولاي للاي لالفروق نيكولاي
الفروق نيكولاي ل
الفروق الدقالفروق الدقيقة نيكولاي ليقة نيكولاي ل

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