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Designing and Budgeting an Athletic Training Room

No description

Melanie DeBacker

on 7 September 2016

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Transcript of Designing and Budgeting an Athletic Training Room

Designing and Budgeting an Athletic Training Room
Special Service Areas
– Treatment

Hydrotherapy Area
Contrast Treatments,
Cold emersion,
Ice Machines.

Sloped floor with centered floor drain.
Barrier wall or drain to prevent water from getting to main floor of training room.
GFI electrical outlets raised 4’ – 5’ from floor to prevent electrocution.

Rehabilitation/Exercise Area
Area to accommodate injury reconditioning under supervision of Athletic Trainer

Include equipment for specific rehab and general reconditioning, ie – bike, treadmill, elliptical machine, etc.

Proprioception equipment and tubing should also be available.

Taping & Bandaging Area
Three or four taping tables or cabinets

Ideally adjacent to a sink for wound care, with counter top and cabinets for supplies.

The Student shall…
Describe a well-designed athletic training facility.
Identify rules of operation that should be enforced in an athletic training program.
Explain budgetary concerns for ordering supplies and equipment.
Explain the importance of the pre-participation physical exam.
Identify the necessary records that must be maintained by the Athletic Trainer.





Special Service Areas:
Treatment Area,
Electrotherapy Area,
Hydrotherapy Area,
Rehabilitation Area,
Taping & Bandaging Area,
Physician Exam Room,
Record Storage, Equipment & Supply Storage,
Athletic Trainer’s Office.

Should have 4 – 6 treatment tables, preferably adjustable height tables.
3 or 4 rolling stools.
Tables in close proximity to hot, cold, and other treatment devices.
May be combined with Electrotherapy Area – needs to be near electrical outlets.
Trinity University Treatment Area

Tx State Hydrotherapy Areas

Trinity University Hydrotherapy Area

Westwood HS Hydrotherapy Area

Tx State Rehab Area at Stadium

Tx State Rehab Room

Westwood HS Rehab Area

Tx State (New & Old)

Trinity University Taping Area

Round Rock Westwood

Physician’s Exam Room and Records area

Physician’s Exam Room
Needed to provide privacy during a physician exam. Should include a table, sink, locking storage cabinet, refrigerator, small desk with telephone.
Should be locked to outsiders.
Record storage
Area to secure records only accessible to sports medicine personnel only.
Usually combined with the office or storage.

Madison HS Ath Trn Room

Madison HS Ath Trn Room

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