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The American Hero: Sexism, Imperialism, and Racism ~ A Cultural Analysis of Iron Man the Movie

Cultural Studies presentation

Kristen Denney

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of The American Hero: Sexism, Imperialism, and Racism ~ A Cultural Analysis of Iron Man the Movie

Idea that one sex is naturally superior to the other and should be dominated by the other in society. Male superiority over women
The Male's Ultimate Dream Woman
o She represents every thing a woman should be in the male fantasy –
loyal, submissive, committed, smart but not to smart
Serves his every need
Is a love interest when he needs it
flexible when he wants to sleep with other women
Sex Objects
Women are predominantly sexual objects and/or subordinates to Tony Stark.
Woman solider quote in opening 5 min of the movie
camera angles
After Sex angle of reporter.
Pepper Potts - breast shot when stealing files
Roles given to them
& Subordinates
The movie Iron Man glorifies male domination over women in a few ways:
The roles women play: sex objects and subordinates
The creation of the dream woman
Charter of Pepper Potts

Subordinate Language and treatment
The two main women cast are given subordinate jobs
The two women are pitted against one other
Quotes: Pepper Pots:
"You are all I have"
At the beginning and end when Tony is challenged by reporter Christine Everheart she is quickly put back in her place verbally
The movie is made by heterosexual males for heterosexual males and to perpetuate that ideal
Imperialism - American Style
Seen through Tony and Obadiah
Weapons that will steer the world back on course put the balance of power in our hands – the Right hands
Glorifies the americans rise to a world power through the industrial age. The Movie used imagery to stir these feelings of America's technological superiority.
Movie Focuses on two main strains that America is imperializing the non western nations
Middle Easterners and African Americans
African American
There is only one African American main character in the entire movie
Suppose to be progressive because he is in a position of power but the power is only given to him to help the white male savior and support the dominate white male
Middle Easterners as backwards, unintelligent, terrorists
The One exception the westernized exception: Yinsen
Teaches that some races are inferior or designed to play supporting roles to a superior race.
Teaches that the superior race needs to dominate or subjugate the inferior out of control race.
The American Hero: Sexism, Imperialism, and Racism – A Cultural Analysis of Iron Man the Movie
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