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2010 Mercedes-Benz Brabus Viano Lounge Concept

Marketing Presentation

Lucy Bird

on 6 December 2010

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Transcript of 2010 Mercedes-Benz Brabus Viano Lounge Concept

The 2010 Mercedes-Benz
Brabus Viano Lounge Concept A Leader In Transportation:
Class and Style What Is The Brabus Viano Lounge Concept? Concept:
Imagine, instead of waiting for a taxi
or a rental car, you could be driven around in a fully functional transportational Office Space? Segmentation: Not your average 'every-man' vehicle.
The experience is in the lounge, not in the driver's seat. Targeting: Airlines: Working with companies to take the place of taxis and limousines.

Corporations: Setting the precedent in travel efficiency and comfort. Positioning:
With the Mercedes-Benz brand comes
the well-known standard of sleek style,
speed, and status.

Not a VAN.

This is a Home Office/Entertainment System on wheels! A High-Class Option In Chauffered Travel
Ideal For VIPs Who Do Not Wish To Fly
Excellent For Inter-city Ground Travel, Covering
Long Distances Between Business Venues
Sophisticated Commute And Not A Minute Wasted! The Product Perfect for today's companies who wish to set a standard for quality travel within the business.
Airlines who are looking to partner with companies around the world have the chance to personalize flights with the added benefit of the Brabus Viano Lounge.
Today's companies rely on networking-- with the Brabus Viano Lounge, you'll never be out of touch.
The push for gloabalization may make a 'mobile office' a more attractive concept. How Much Will This Cost? Roughly $150k- $200 Starting Price
Must Be Seen As Invaluable
The Cost of Included Technology
Features Added Or Taken Away May Fluctuate Price A Bit 32' LCD Screen
PS3 Game Console
Sony Vaio Notepad
Rear View Cameras
Vertu Constallation (International Mobile Phone)
Nespresso Coffeemaker
Distribution Mercedes-Benz Unlike Any Other Thank You!
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