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Unwind Movie Soundtrack by Mariel

No description

Mariel C

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Unwind Movie Soundtrack by Mariel

Unwind Movie
Soundtrack By: Mariel Calvo #1
Chapter 30 pg. 185-191: Cy-Ty
Song: It doesn’t hurt by Katie Thompson “There is no peace in CyFi’s his head. The Fry doesn’t know how bad it is. The Fry doesn’t know how the feelings crash over him like storm-driven waves pounding a failing seawall.” (p. 185). From the beginning of the chapter when CyFi was feeling this desperation, to the point where Tyler had taken control; pain, frustration and fear was something that went through the character(s). It Doesn’t Hurt is a song that I believe conveys that particular mood, the fear, anger and frustration. Katie Thompson’s voice is so powerful and moving, just as that chapter can be. You see a different side of CyFi as Tyler comes out, as he begs not to be unwound. This agony you see Tyler in as he begs for his life; or even CiFi as he struggles to keep Tyler at bay, it all goes well with the tone and mood of this song. #2
Chapter 31 pg. 192: Lev
Song: The Funeral by Band of Horses In this chapter Neil Shusterman shows us a whole different side of Lev. He’s changed, he’s become a different person. Finding a song to represent the tone and mood of the chapter was very difficult. How do you get all that feeling and emotions into one song? I chose The Funeral by Band of Horses, not because it encompasses rage as one would assume the song should but because of the sound. The song begins with a simple guitar and it’s almost soothing. Then suddenly all the instruments rush in, and it creates a wall of noise that is unexpected. I feel this is similar to what Lev went through; he changed just as the music did. The song doesn’t give off a cheerful tone in fact quite the opposite, I believe this song is similar to what Lev was going through at this point in the novel. #3
Chapter 33 pg. 199: Risa
Song: Freedom by Anthony Hamilton and Elayna Boynton The graveyard is hot, dry and harsh; when Risa and Connor arrive this is made very clear. The work the Unwinds do on a daily bases and the will they have to even make it as far as the graveyard is outstanding. Freedom by Anthony Hamilton and Elayna Boynton conveys a tone of hard work. Whenever I listen to this song, it makes me think of the certain lengths that people will go to, just to get what they want. Neil Shusterman paints a picture of the graveyard, one that makes it appealing and yet a place one would rather not be. Freedom has a certain sound that reminds me of struggle and perseverance, the graveyard Unwinds both struggle and persevere. #4
Chapter 43 pg. 246: Mob
Song: Seven-nation army by The White stripes The anger almost jumped off the page when I read this chapter. All these kids destroying the one place they had, the one place they were safe. I felt there was no better song than Seven-Nation army by The White Stripes. The song has a beat that holds with any person angry enough. While reading the chapter in which the mob of kids where enraged, I noticed how that anger controlled their actions. They no longer thought about what they were doing, they just did it. The intensity, frustration and rage of it all, fits well with this piece of music and the tone it displays. #5
Chapters 59/61 pg. 286/288: Roland
Song: The great escape by Patrick Watson Every single time I listen to this song, my stomach drops a little. It’s not because of the lyrics or the message it may have, but simply because of the tone. From the beginning to the very end, the lone piano has the power to make such a melancholy sound. “I need more time. Another day. That’s all. One more day. I’ll be ready tomorrow. I promise!” (p.287) The desperation that is shown in those words is what first appealed to me in choosing this song. Throughout the whole novel Roland was a character not to be trifled with. However in these moments you see the rawness of his fear and desperation. Everything Roland was feeling, desperation, fear, hopelessness and whatever else, can all be heard in this one song. #6
Chapter 64 pg. 302: Connor
Song: To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra. “The first step is the hardest, but from that moment on he decides that he will neither run nor dawdle. He will neither quiver nor fight. He will take this last walk of his life in steady strides-“ (pg. 304) Connor walked to his death with pride and dignity. That’s a lot more than what most people would do. It was hard finding a song that conveyed defeat in a courageous way; when I heard To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra I knew it had the perfect sound for this scene. The song begins with a somber tone, but soon rises leaving the listener feeling empowered. As the music does this I can’t help but picture Connor accepting his Unwinding but not giving anyone the satisfaction of seeing him weak. I believe that the music goes well with the mood of this chapter. #7
Chapter 65 pg. 304: Clappers
Song: Time by Hans Zimmer I chose this song by Hans Zimmer because of the power it has. This chapter in the novel has a progressive intensity. This song I believe is perfect for the whole chapter, the way it starts slow and quiet. Not giving you much but placing a certain level of worry. Then the music begins to pick up, just as the chapter did. The instruments collaborating perfectly making a tone that is parallel to that of the chapter. Coming together and creating a sound that sends shivers down your spine, just as the scene gave me when I read it. #8
Chapter 69 pg. 332: Unwinds
Song: What if the storm ends by Snow Patrol Connor leads with hope. It’s as simple as that, and this scene shows this exactly. Ever since the beginning of the novel, when Connor shot the police officer, he started a spark of hope. After a series of certain events, that spark became a flame. Hope was everywhere for the Unwinds, and up until this point in the whole novel; Connor didn’t truly acknowledge the power he had. Connor’s speech on page 333 fills each Unwind (and even the reader) with hope. What if the storm ends is an intense song, that goes well with the intense feeling and buzz that Connor’s speech had. I find that this song is perfect for the situation, giving the listener a tone very similar to Connors speech. Thank you for watching!!
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