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Design and Technology preparation for placement 2

No description

susan mclaren

on 9 October 2011

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Transcript of Design and Technology preparation for placement 2

Design and Technology Education School Placement 1
1..the curriculum, principles and practices in Design and Technology education;
2.the role of observation and reflection in planning for effective teaching and successful learning;
3.planning, implementing and evaluating their own teaching (CfE third and fourth level/ lower and middle secondary school)
4.the roles of teachers and other associated professionals within and beyond the school;
5.the complex circumstances that affect learning;
6.self-evaluation to improve teaching and learning.
Indicative programme
Purpose of placement 1

TASK Why host students? ‘ Winners and losers / pros and cons- groups of 3/4

Plenary and comparison with teachers response
Expectations of schools / students/schools /university /students

SWOT and target setting part 1

approaches to ongoing feedback, interim reviews and making use of feedback

Formative Assessment through
-Harmonised School report form, tutor reports, school discussions --obervations and PDP- tasks and evidence
-cause for concern forms
-Grade descriptors support / guidance sheet

PDP - tasks and evidence types, evaluations and target setting

Prepare questions to ask David

Dean High School Colleague David Dodds( graduated 5 years ago)
winners and losers
pros and cons of hosting students
task: group of 3 or 4 agree on
8 positive reasons/benefits
8 less than positive/issues / challenges
diamond ranking:
from most positive reason for hosting through to most challenging and negative things/ significant issues/challenges about hosting students
The purpose of Placement 1 is to develop understanding and professional competence in relation to:
a)Satisfactory completion of placement
b)Satisfactory reports from school and university
c)Satisfactory professional development portfolio
d)Satisfactory evidence demonstrating SFPR benchmarks
6 weeks Monday 20th October – Friday 28th November 2014
Pre-placement and ongoing Placement Tasks
Read the SITE Benchmark Statements
indicate your own competence for each benchmark
identify and present evidence in your Professional Development Portfolio to support these benchmarks throughout the placement
Mid-placement review
Prepare a minimum of two comprehensive lesson plans per week,
in addition to ongoing summary planning for ALL the teaching you do
submission date
by12.00 noon Friday 5th December 2014
why do schools do what they do|?
Series of tasks to structure observations, data gathering and familiarisation with school community and catchments
Professional Development Consultation
Interim Progress Review and target setting
Daily observation and feedback from experienced school mentors
Professional Development Portfolio SITE scrutinised by University Tutor
Final progress review, self evaluation and target setting
recall day 7th Nov 2014
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