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Classroom rules- Meme style

No description

Melissa Rogers

on 27 April 2016

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Transcript of Classroom rules- Meme style

Let me know if
there is anything
I can do to help!
Classroom Procedures
AKA: How to Succeed in AP Psych
Some of the topics we cover will require maturity or we will not discuss them. In addition, if I can't trust you to be productive inside the classroom, we don't do activities outside the classroom.

If you're doing something you shouldn't be or not doing something you should be, accept the consequences as an adult if you wish to be treated as an adult. (cell phones, on task, etc.)

Come to class having
listened to the lecture.

Stay on task.

Turn in work on time
and come see me when
you can't.
Have as positive of an attitude as possible even if you don't find the specific topic of the day interesting or you felt like you bombed an exam. Know that a positive attitude is beneficial for you!
Make sure how you are
dressed doesn't prevent you
from participating in class
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