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puffer fish

nash roberts

Brandy Butcher

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of puffer fish

infomation puffer fish have doveloped there abillity to inflate due to there lack of a bility to swim and blowing up is a defence against there preditors. they grow to be anywere from 3-20in. long. they can do this by ingolfing large amonts of water at a time and a very elasic stomoch to strech themselves to almonst three time there normal size. inorder not to engolf to much water and blow up they have a
regulative musle that regulate
how big they get each time. description the puffer fish can grow to be about three feet or one meter it is a dark brown when not inflated but when it is its more of a light brown fun facts habitat puffer fish did you know that some
animals such as the lion fish
are imune to thepuffer fishes
deadly toxins. Tetraodontidae
is the scientific name for puffer
fish. the puffer fish has enough
posin to kill 30 adults. mateing puffer fish there more than 120
species of puffer fish
and they mostly live in
tropical an subtropical
ocean zones.some secies
even live in fresh water. the male pushes the female to the
the waters surface and then spawns.
it is external fertilization.the male will
mate many times.
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