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Leading Change 2010

Daniel Del Alcazar

on 25 August 2010

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Transcript of LC

Audience 20 staff members from all dependencies of the GS/OAS who have/are :

Leadership potential
Strong performers
Key contributors
Inspire confidence and commitment Leading Change Model What is your Commitement? Facilitator:
Beverly Jones Beverly has vast experience in leadership and change management activities and coaches accomplished leaders who want to become more effective.

Provides skilled support for organizations and leadership development activities Your Commitment in Hours is: Total= 62.5 Hours List of Participants Thank You Discuss development opportunities and draft a development plan based on the results of the 360 degree feedback 3 Individual Coaching Sessions This program aims to shape an organizational culture
that promotes leadership, communication,
and change through the development of staff
members with high potential. Program Objectives Attend to all group sessions Complete your 360˚ Degree Feedback Participate in individual coaching and peer coaching Leadership Next Steps.... Identify new skills and a deeper understanding of what it means to be a leader. Apply skills to better with other employees and to manage their productivity. Communicate Identify tools for understanding, facilitating, and managing in the Organization. Change Group Sessions Features: 9 Sessions 3.5 Hours Each Features of 360 Confidential Online For your own professional development Targets strengths and opportunities for improvement in a given set of competencies First group session starts on April 28 Take Away Points Biography Use this learning experience as an opportunity for development and growth Share the knowledge gained in the program and have a positive impact in your coworkers Make the Best out of it! Program Schedule Program Components 360 Degree Feedback
Individual Coaching Supervisor Direct Report Colleagues Others Indirect Report Self 360 Confidential Feedback Group Sessions Program Components Group Sessions

Individual Coaching 360 Degree Feedback Group Sessions
360 Degree Feedback Program Components Individual Coaching (No DHR Involvement) Bev Jones Why Audience What is a 360 Degree Feedback? List of Participants Objectives Leading Change Program Next Steps Commitment Take Away Points Group Sessions 40.5 Hours 360 Degree Feedback 2 Hours Coaching 20 Hours On April 19th you will receive an invitation via E-Mail from Pilat to start you 360 degree feedback Ruben Dario Rudolph The Department of Legal Services Maria Alejandra Alvarez The Office of Protocol Andrea Groehn-kick Office of the Assistant Secretary General Maria Mercedes Andrade Department of Conferences and Meetings Johanna Salah Department of International Law Milagros Freyre Department of State Modernization and Good Governance Lina Sevillano Department of Human Development, Education, and Culture Mark Lambrides Department of Sustainable Development Marvin Matus Retirement and Pension Fund (Each Session is 55 Min.) Be Alert! Jorge Duran Department of Economic Development, Trade, and Tourism Theresa Wetter Department of Economic Development, Trade, and Tourism Andres Navia Department of Cultural Affairs Monica Reyes The Press Department Pernell Clarke CICAD John Grajales CICAD Ignacio Ibanez CICTE Javier Arnaiz Department of Financial and Administrative Management Services Debora Benchoam IACHR Hilary Anderson CIM Maria Celeste Fuenmayor CITEL Margaret Palmer Department of Conferences and Meetings Finish your Assignments on Time Communication Leadership Change (Follow-Up with feedback providers
to provide feedback on time)
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