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Manga presentation for Japan unit

Lori Ingham

on 11 July 2010

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Transcript of Manga

Mangas What Is A Manga? A Japanese comic book form serialized
in comic books Mangas are read by all ages. History Roots in the US Occupation of Japan (1945-1952) Influenced by US Culture 1969 -- Year 24 group/Magnificent 24's make their mark Manga Demographics Kodomo -- Children
Shonen -- Young Men (under 18)
Shojo -- young women (under 18)
Seinen -- Men (over 18)
Josei -- Women (over 18) Shonen Manga -- characterized by high action, humourous plots featuring male protagonists Camraderie emphasized Attractive women with exaggerated features common. Examples:
One Piece
Dragonball Z
Death Note Shoujo -- romance is a common theme Men are portrayed as "pretty," attractive Conventions -- more "flowery" artwork, boys/men who fit a "type" Activity From the examples I will be giving you, identify in your journals why you think this particular story is either a shonen or shoujo story, and why.

1) How are the woman portrayed? How are the men portrayed?
2) Is it comedy? Drama? Both?
3) Is there anything in the artistic style that leads you to this conclusion?
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