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Animal Farm Prezi

Animal Farm Prezi

Paolo Paras

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Animal Farm Prezi

Animal Farm Prezi by
Paolo Paras
Sean Nguyen
Ryan Hu
The KGB - Stalin's Secret Police
KGB stands for "Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti/Committee of State Security"

Quickly gained information worldwide

Operated with both legal and illegal agents in targeted cities

KGB controlled Stalin's Secret Police

Any resistance in the Soviet Union was quickly eliminated by the KGB

They protected their leaders

KGB also controlled what the public saw; they controlled propaganda

KGB could easily censor specific words in text or tap into phone calls
Russian Revolution
Animal Farm
KGB Comparison
The KGB - Stalin's Secret Police continued
KGB were humans
leader of KGB : Stalin
drove Trotsky out and killed him
the dogs ran the KGB
leader of KGB: Napoleon
the dogs drove Snowball out of the farm but did not kill him
they both killed people who were suspicious
they both made people admit to false crimes
both parties were loyal to the leaders
both control propaganda
•Lenin led the Proletariats to storm the palace
•Many people were killed, including soldiers from the red army
•They took nothing
•The Red soldiers tried to clear out the palace but failed because they were outnumbered
•They stormed the palace in 1917

•The Bolsheviks were told to protect the city by the government
•The Bolsheviks received guns from the government
•They used the guns to attack the Winter Palace
•The Palace had a battalion of women and cadets protecting the palace

Storming of the Winter Palace, 1917
The Moscow Trials
It was conducted during the 1920's; Stalin employed police repression against opposition element in the communist party to gain absolute power
the machinery of coercion has been used in the past against the opponents of them, but it was never used to the people in their party before
Leon Trosky, Grigorii Zinov'ev, and Lev Kamenev were one of the first victim to be defeated and kick out from the party in the late 1927
Stalin then next denounced Nikolai Bukharin as the enemy of the party for opposing his policy of farce collectivization and executed him
Kirov was a ruler of Politburo, and the leader of the Leningrad party, an influential member, and a great speaker
since that Kirov disagree on some of Stalin's policy, it was clear that Kirov represented an threat to Stalin's power and made him begin to doubt the loyalty of members of the Leningrad apparasus
after killing Sergei Kirov on December 1, 1934, it led to the chains of events that became the Great Terror of the 1930s
This is a image of the Bolsheviks storming the Winter Palace
In Animal Farm, the animals entered the house after getting rid of Jones and his men. This shows connection to the Bolsheviks storming the Winter Palace.
The theme that I chose "People's ignorance contributes to their political and social oppressions". I chose this because the Csar was too oblivious to the fact that his people were starving and poor. This led to Lenin helping others to revolt against the Csar.
The executions in Animal Farm represent the Moscow Show Trails because in the Moscow Show Trials the KGB made people admit to false crimes. In the book, the animals lied to try and escape death but, in the end they were all slaughtered. The KGB probably tortured the victims before the Show Trials.
The theme that I chose was "Power corrupts those who posses it". I chose it because both Napoleon and Stalin were afraid that their power would be taken away from others. So he used his power to kill all who seemed to appose him.
Paolo's Theme
I chose the theme "Power corrupts those who possess it". I chose this theme because it resembles how Stalin abused the KGB because of his own paranoia. Napoleon did the same thing with his dogs, executing innocents without a second thought.
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Animal Farm Prezi
Here's a video about the KGB:
Thanks for Watching!
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