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the eureka stockade

No description

anastasia shigelski

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of the eureka stockade

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the eureka stockade
how it all started
Victoria, Australia 2851 gold was found in new south wales yet little was there and nobody wanted it to spead the word, until in feb 1851 a man named hargraves found gold near ballarat and the word quickly spread. in one week over 400 people came to dig for gold and by june over 2000 people!!!!By the end of September 1851, there were about 10,000 people digging for gold near Ballarat. By 1852, the news had spread to England, Europe, China and America, and boatloads of hopeful diggers arrived to Melbourne and headed for the goldfields.
The Starting Of The Licenses
the battle begins
The Eureka Stockade was a battle between the miners and the troopers.It was held on the 3rd of Dec 1854 where over 25-34 diggers died and over 5-6 troopers got killed.Peter Lalor was the leader of the rebellion group and in the battle got injured badly, but later recovered. In August 1851, part of New South Wales was made a separate colony, and was named Victoria after the Queen.. Near the end of August, two men called James Reagan and John Dunlop discovered the richest goldfield the world has ever seen in a place the Aborigines called Balla-arat, which means 'camping place'. thats where the goldmining started.
the eureka stockade flag
peter lalor

the eureka stockade

mining grounds
Since there were so many people coming to the golfields and leaving there jobs and work behind the govenor (Fitz Roy) was worried that there would be violence and lawlessness at the goldfields, and he orded that the people that searched for gold would have to pay for a license in order to dig for the gold. From the 1st of September onwards, miners could dig a small area for 30 shillings a month. While the license system gave the people the right to mine, the price was deliberately set high which the miners hated.The gold license was met with protest from all corners: diggers saw it as too high and When the license was finally introduced in October, perhaps as little as half of the diggers actually purchased one.In December, instead making it easier for the miners, the Government announced that it would double the fee to 3 pounds. The reason for this was that the Government was in some financial difficulty, and was concerned that things would get worse as more and more left Melbourne to look for gold. The diggers, however, were so angry, they had to work something out so they held a meeting on the hill of ballarat which was called bakery hill

gold licences
all the miners had a meeting on the hill to dicouse the problems about the gold minning and then needed a leader.An Irish Gold digger called Peter Lalor was the elected as the leader. On Dec 2nd 1854, peter Lalor ordered a stockade to be built to serve as a fort for their defence, and called for muskets, pistols and any other weapons they could muster. Once the Stockade was completed, the rebel miners assembled in side.they were ready for any attack.

1854 dec sun The miners weren't trained for fighting, and some didnt want the risk of getting killed. The English Government troops not only struck, but at 3am, taking the 120 remaining miners by surprise, killing 22 and wounding 12 others - including Peter Lalor. They took 100 prisoners and captured the stockade in 20min's.Although Lalor's miners lost the battle, they eventually got the improvments and changes they fought for. Miners were given licences for one pound a year. They were also given the right to vote, and finally miners who were in prison for there disloalty were freed.and from then on peter lalor was in the victorion upper house leader stilll fighting for rights of the people.

the newspaper about the meeting on bakery hill
the battle of the troopers and miners
the burning at the eureka hotel
peter lalor at the attack of the battle
the meeting at bakery hill
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