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all about pronouns


matthew bues

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of all about pronouns

all about pronouns
by Matthew Bues pronouns lesson 1
Pronouns and
antecedents . introduction In this prezi you will learn
how to use pronouns. 1. pronouns take the place of nouns.
2. antecedent are the word the pronoun
example : Jon is the teacher; He likes to swim.
the antecedent is Jon and He is the pronoun.
example 2: He is the swimmer and His name is
He and His are the pronouns and jack is the antecedent.
example 3 : Jackson is a good friend because he is really nice
the pronoun is he and the antecedent is Jackson
example 4 : Everyone loved Jacob since he was a pleasant director.
the pronoun is he and the antecedent is Jacob.

3. take note that pronouns and antecedents may not
occur in the same sentence.

example 5: sue is really fast. She even won the competition!
the pronoun is She and the antecedent is Sue Practice time! Directions: find the pronoun and antecedent
1. Titan is my dog and he is very playful.
2. Grace is 5 years old, she is a kindergartener.
3. Jackson is my best friend, he and I like UNC.
4. My father owns his own company and he is the president.
5. Philip is my father, he loves me.
6. My mother's favorite color is pink, yet she wears red.
7. Lex is my cousin and he is very smart.
8. George is my uncle, he is the father of my cousins.
9. My name is Matthew, I love basketball.
10. The tar heels are awesome, they are my favorite team! lesson 2 object and subject pronoun 1. Subject pronouns take the place of subjects
2.object pronouns take the place of object
3. there are three types of object pronouns [direct
object, indirect object, and object of a prepotition]
example 1: he was an excellent basketball player.
he is a subject pronoun.
example 2: she was a softball player.
she is a subject pronoun.
example 3: he gave a present to him.
he is a subject pronoun and him is an object pronoun
example 4: my mom loves me.
me is an object pronoun.
example 5: she loves my sister too
she is a subject pronoun subjects and objects chart subject pronouns
object pronouns
you [multiple people] Your Turn ! directions: determine weather the
pronoun is a subject pronoun or object pronoun. [refer to the chart on the left].
1.He is Grace's friend.
2. Taylor gave it to me.
3. He yelled at Joey!
4. Greg made me laugh.
5.Titan barked at us.
6. Also, Titan licked us.
7.He is so funny !
8. I love Titan.
9. I play clarinet.
10. Do you play an musical instrument?
_________________ your on the moon
It is very nice here
It is a pronoun. pronouns after
linking verbs possesive pronouns

possessive nouns show possestion. [Obviously..]

sample examples:
1] I have a big math text book.
I is the pronoun.
2] He has a smaller math
3] She won the spelling bee part 2 4] He owns a trumpet.
5] She has a flute. practice time!
tell if it is a possesive pronoun
1] the baseball is his.
2] she is a good artist
3] my golf ball went
the farthest
4] I like chess
5]he took my queen
6]my dog is the cutest.
7] I love him
8] my sister loves math
9] her notebook is pink
10] I think its to girly linking verbs

are words such as : am,are,were ,was, and is
subject pronouns always follow linking verbs

examples :
1 The most courageous were she and I
2 the hero's are we guys
3 the photographers we we girls
4 the actors are they
5 the swimmers are we practice 1. the scientists are us
2. the heroic ones are they
3. the losers were they.
4. the warriors are we
5. the fighters were they
6. the courageous are we and they
7. the least courageous
were they.
8 the fastest were they.
9 the slowest are we.
10. the most awesome was I. =D directions highlight the pronouns pronouns in compounds lesson 5 compound pronouns are two pronouns in one sentence or more.

1 She and he were invited to a party
2 she and we were bowling
3 he and they were eating pizza
4 she and we went to the party
5 she and he had a good time. practice directions: highlight the right pronoun 1. She and (him,he) liked math.
2. Dad gave it to her and ( me, I)
3. He chose us and ( they, them).
4. They and ( we,us) went out to dinner.
5. He and ( I, me) had ice cream
6. She and (we, us) went to the park.
7. He and ( they, them) loved dogs
8. He and (she, her) played soccer
9. They and (him,he) won the tournament
10. She and (he,him) had fun at the party lesson 6
who whom
and whose who is for subject pronouns
whom is for object pronouns
whose shows possession.

1 who is this?
2 to whom are giving it to?
3 whose book is this?
4 who was that?
5 to whom are you friends with?
6 whose paper is this? practice !

directions: highlight the correct word.
1 . (whom,who) will you chose?
2. to (whose,whom) will you say your speech?
3 [Whose, who) computer will you borrow.
4 [ who, whose] is your best student
5 to [who, whom] will you give an A+?
6 [ whom, whose] computer died?
7 [who , whose ] is your favorite athlete?
8 [ whose,whom] toy is this?
9 to [whom,who] is the prize going to?
10 [who,whose] is the most awesome?
[its me by the way] lesson 7: using us and we
with Nouns. ex:
1. we boys were the fastest
2 we girls are the best at basketball
3. we girls are the losers
4 the most courageous were us boys
5 the bravest were us boys
6 the strongest were us boys sss practice
highlight the correct word. 1. [we, us] boys likes lacrosse
2 the least courageous were [us,we]
3. [we,us] boys won the lacrosse game
4. the losers were [we, us] players.
5 [we,us] boys are named the bulldogs
5 the monarchs are [we,us] boys
6 [us,we] girls are the unicorns
7 the ponies were [us, we] girls
8[we,us] students play lacrosse
9 the lacrosse champions are [we, us] bulldogs
10 [we,us] unicorns are the girls lacrosse champions lesson 8 indefinite pronouns.
1. anybody could have done it.
2. everybody was looking
3 someone wrote me a letter
4 nobody complemented me on my win.
5 anyone who turned the project in gets 2 extra credit points
6 several people went to the office indefinite pronouns do not have an antecedent. indefinite pronouns guide singular

anybody anyone
anything each
everybody everyone
everything nobody
somebody someone
something plural

some |
| practice
highlight the indefinite pronoun 1. anybody could have the golden egg
2. everybody loves Easter
3. nobody dislikes easter
4 everyone will find the eggs
5 nobody will miss one
6 several participants got money
7 many participants will get chocolate
8 others will get jellybeans
9 nobody will be left out
10 everyone will have fun answer key lesson 1
1 titan, he
2 grace,she
3 Jackson,he
4 father,he
5 Philip,he
6 mother,she
7 Lex,he
8 George,he
9 matthew,i
10 tar heels, they lesson 2
1 subject
2 object
3 subject
4 object
5 object
6 object
7 subject
8 subject
9 subject
10 subject lesson 3
2 not possesive
3 posessive
4 not posessive
5 posessive
6 posessive
7 not posessive
8 possesive
9 posessive
10 not possesive lesson 4
1 us
2 they
3 they
4 we
5 they
6 we
7 they
8 they
9 we
10 I lesson 5
1 he
2 me
3 them
4 we
5 i
6 we
7 they
8 she
9 he
10 he lesson 6
1 who
2 whom
3 whose
4 who
5 whom
6 whose
7 who
8 whose
9 whom
10 who lesson 7
1 we
2 us
3 we
4 us
5 we
6 us
7 us
8 we
9 us
10 we lesson 8
1 anybody
2 everybody
3 nobody
4 everyone
5 nobody
6 several
7 many
8 others
9 nobody
10 everyone - matthew bues 6N thanks for reading
hope you know a lot about pronouns. s
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