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Costas Questioning

Presentation for English on Costas Levels of Questions

Christine Rembert

on 2 September 2010

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Transcript of Costas Questioning

Costas Levels of Questioning Level One The answer can be found in the text (either directly or indirectly). Book/Text Level Two Brain/Text and Brain The answer can be inferred from the text. This type of question is very concrete and pertains only to the text; it asks for facts about what has been heard or read. Information is recalled in the exact manner/form it was heard. • Define
• Describe
• Identify
• List
• Name
• Observe
• Recite
• Scan Information can be broken down into parts. It involves examining in detail, analyzing motives or causes, making inferences, and/or finding information to support generalizations or decision-making Questions combine information in a new way. • Analyze
• Compares
• Contrast
• Group
• Infer
• Sequence
• Synthesize Level Three The answer goes beyond the text. This type of question is abstract and does not pertain to the text. These questions ask that judgments be made from information. They also give opinions about issues, judge the validity of ideas or other products, and justify opinions and ideas. • Apply
• Evaluate
• Hypothesize
• Imagine
• Judge
• Predict
• Speculate Brain Costas Questioning
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