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A devoted Son

Short story presentation

diana zygiel

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of A devoted Son

Author: Anita Desai
Presentation by: Diana, Ellen, Gabriel A Devoted Son Narration Varma does not find joy in life anymore
Wishes to finnaly just die
Cannot live any longer surving only on toxins and medication Falling Action Indian Family works hard to send their son to medical school in the U.S.
A child from a poor Indian village going to medical school in America is very unlikely and is seen as a special event by the people.
Parents are very proud.
Rakesh meets girl and returns to India after school. Introduction Neither of the characters are narrating the story. Narration is from third person. Rakesh is keeping his father alive
Rakesh's medical background helps him prescribe medication to his father, something that would not be possible if Rakesh hadn't gone to medical school.
The father is getting frustrated because Rakesh has forbid him to eat any more sweets as it is bed for his sickness.
The father turns angry and grumpy
Feels like his son doesen't care about him.
Feels like he is being tortured.
Wishes to finally just die.
Does nor want to be on medication anymore.
Doesen't work well with the switch of parental roles. Climax Varma finds peace in death
He says, " God is calling me, now let me go" Resolution Rakesh's mother gets very sick and dies.
Family goes through a tough time
Shortly after, father becomes very sick
Father is no longer able to take care of himself depends on his son and his son's wife to take care of him.
Finds happiness and joy in eating sweets. Rising Action Forshadowing " He came and touched my feet. He bowed and touched my feet", Shows the reader that the son will always care for the father no matter how hard it gets. Shows a sign of respect and responsibility towards his father. New Criticism Lens Setting - Low-class village in India. Mood- The mood initially starts off as an uplifting inspiring story of success and happiness. Soon after, about the time when the son returned from the U.S, The story quickly diverts to sadness and a series of illness and death. The atmosphere changes to darkness and grief after the mother had passed, and continues when the father gets sick. The change of mood is seen during a birthday party for the youngest son, " The party broke up, dissolved, even turned into a band of mourners", This happy and joyful celebration was no longer enjoyable as the father got sick and almost died. Father son conflict is created due to the father not being able to accept the facts that the parental roles have changed and now is being treated like a child. Varma considers the restrictions put on him by his son, unfair and immoral. Varma says to one of his friends, "My own son. If I ask him for one more piece of bread he says no", Varma does not understand that the only thing keeping him alive is his son Conflict- Rakesh vs Varma Theme Fullfilling family obligations with love Literary Devices Poverty Irony Symbolism To highten the importance of education The roles revealed in a family.
Roles change as time progresses Son taking role of caring father, Father taken back to childhood as a sick man. Sweets - Symbolise childhood, innocence, joy, no responsibility.
Tonics and Vitamins - Symbolise maturity, strength, success, responsibility. Rakesh, after being away for so long in America, achiving his dreams, he returned to India, to his family, and to his village, "What was more he came back", This Shows the reader how loyal and responsible Rakesh is. He is loyal to his family and will never turn his back on them. This attitude and personality that we see of Rakesh tells us that even through his fathers bad attitude and illness, he will do everything he can to help him until the end. Anthropoligical lense " The quantities of vitamins and tonics he was made to take were not altogether useless" (Desai 83) This quote poves that with the severity of the fathers illness, the medication that the son gave the father was the only thing still keeping the father alive. Meaning that although the father complained constantly, the son was trying to do him good, the same way the father was tryin to do the son good when he send him to medical school. Social - Marxism " Now become known not only as the best, but the richest doctor in town" (Desai 77) The text illustrates how in Indian culture he was much more respected towards family members, especially your parents. Rakesh shows respect towardshis father by keeping him alive even while the father was unhappy.

The social factor is Rakesh's parents providing for their child as best as they can, wishing that one day, their children are going to have to look after them. Rakesh's father is the person that got Rakesh into medical school which made him become a doctor. Rakesh is reciprocating those actions by using his skills to save his father from painfull death. The social class in this short story is very low. The odds of one going to school and succeeding is very unlikely, almost impossible. Social class for them is defined as the struggle to survive, rather than which university you choose to attend. Even though Rakesh is leaving the village to become successful, the villagers show jealousy and an unimpressed attitude towards him. At Rakesh's return, he is slightly neglected for his success.
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